The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Out of curiosity who’s your team? No shame seeking, I’m a Cardinals fan so no team you name can be more embarrassing. :wink:


Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team so decimated by injuries. In the last game, the offensive line had only one starter remaining. And that line featured the 4th left tackle. The offense was a JV squad most of the season. All of that said, they still really need a QB.


Headed to the AFC Championship game for the first time in a generation. Damn it all, I’ve been waiting for this day a long, long time.


Congrats. Who would you rather play, Chargers or Patriots?


I kind of want KC to be the ones who finally stop the Pats, so I don’t mind seeing them again. Either way, I’ll be watching next weeks game through my fingers.


I feel that the Patriots are the weaker team. I don’t think they survive the Chargers tomorrow. Either way, good luck!


Weather wasn’t near the factor I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be one of those snow games where you couldn’t see the field, everyone would be slipping and sliding, etc. Then defense would matter more.


When I think defense, I certainly don’t think Colts. To go from pretender to contender, they need to stop the long offensive droughts they seem to have. They just had five straight scoreless quarters in the playoffs. Luck goes from looking like a world beater to completely inept in the flick of a switch. That Colts team never looked frightening at any point this season.


Congratulations! I’m so excited for the KC team. It’s been a long, long wait, you all deserve it.

Now on to the conference final and hopefully the SB.


I agree, the Patriots best days seem to be behind them for now. That’s why I have picked the Chargers for tomorrow as well.

The Pats do have home field advantage and had the bye, so that helps somewhat. But I think the Chargers can do it.

If not tomorrow, then I believe they will lose in KC.


I thought the weather was going to have much more of an impact too. Even so, it was nice to see the game from a nice warm living room. I really hate the cold.


Rams need to wake up.


The Rams are awake, they’ve been moving the ball at will on the Cowgirls. Settling for field goals on 2 of 3 red zone trips sucks but until the Cowgirl defense shows even a semblance of slowing the Rams down I’m not worried.


I’d rather they go to sleep. I’m not a fan of either LA team.


We’re opposites, friend. My favorite teams are Arizona, and whoever’s playing Dallas.


Hating Dallas is almost a consensus, right? Was it that “America’s team” label that got attached to them? That and mix in Jerry Jones. It’s awfully easy to root against them. I shouldn’t even care, they’re NFC.


I just don’t care for either LA team. My nightmare is a Chargers/Rams SB. Very unlikely, but not impossible.

If it was to happen, it would be the first SB I can think of in which I didn’t like at least one of the teams.


Yes, they were known as “America’s team”. Some teams have more national appeal than others, such as the Packers and cough cough the Steelers. Dallas is part of that, but I realize there are few Cowboy fans here.


Very unlikely is not how I’d describe the potential of that matchup at all.


The Chargers have a very good chance of defeating the Brady Bunch, but much less of a chance against KC. I hope it snows again, am sure the wimpy Charger team won’t cope well with it.

The Rams could defeat NO, but I’d give the edge to the Saints.