The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Black Monday is starting off early.


I’m pretty shocked about Marvin Lewis. Given all the prior seasons where the team underachieved and he kept his job I have to wonder why in a year when the team was derailed by a QB injury they are pulling the plug.


Channeling the Pittsburgh conspiracy theorists: Apparently the refs are so biased against Pitt that in the Cleveland / Baltimore game they threw a play in the Raven’s favor that cost the Browns the game. Lamar Jackson was diving for a TD but fumbled. A Cleveland player recovered and had a clear path to a defensive TD but the refs blew the play dead. Cleveland still got the ball but they didn’t get a TD and ended up losing the game by 2 pts which kept Pitt out of the playoffs.


Now the Eagles made the playoffs with Foles, what will they do between Wentz and Foles?

Will there be a QB controversy in Philly next season?


Now Dallas can do another one and done in the playoffs. (Or so I can hope, to squash all the moronic Dallas posts in FB I have to see)


I think that Foles is off to greener pastures next year, unless Foles becomes the same Foles from last year and the Eagles make it back to the SuperBowl. That will make the off-season a bit more interesting.

I like Wentz, but if he’s gonna be injured all the time, the Eagles are going to have to keep backup options of viable QB, not the Mark Sanchez-type of backup.


I think they have a fighting chance to win their first game, but they won’t win at the Saints. THAT won’t happen twice in one season. :smile:

I hope they win this wild card round game. After so much mediocrity in quite a few years, they really need a win.


Wow, that’s a lot of coaches let go in one day. Most on the list aren’t surprising though.


They are playing Seattle in the Saturday evening game. I’d give Dallas the edge if for no other reason than they will be playing at home.

Seattle has been playing really well lately though so I wouldn’t count them out. I think the Hawks have a better chance against Dallas than they would if they were meeting the Bears.


The Steelers are in bad shape. Tomlin is losing this team.

When Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown was deactivated for Sunday’s game, everyone assumed it was due to a knee injury the team said he was dealing with during the week.

Instead, Brown was reportedly benched for drama during the week that included missing practices and meetings.


That’s a surprise. He’s one of their marquee players. I wonder what is going on.


@BlackWolf any thoughts on this? The Cardinals had such an awful season, his firing was almost inevitable.


The Seahawks have always seemed to get the Cowboys number and I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat them at home. That’s as far as my ‘hawks will get tho.


Yes, you are right that they do seem to own the Cowboys. And I agree if they win Saturday’s game they will lose the next one.

However, the season turned out to be better than I thought. In September I remember thinking if they missed the playoffs it would not have surprised me. So much for that.

Sometimes I’m glad to be wrong.


Yeah they are peaking at the right time. But Wilson still got stuffed with sacks (6 times?) in their last game vs Arizona. They ain’t getting far with a depleted offensive line.


Well not past the first playoff game anyway. Wouldn’t even bet on that, but it’s true that if there is any team they can beat in the playoffs on the road, I’d take Dallas.


And Happy New Year to all the NFL fans. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


It was expected. Not sorry to see him go, but unfortunately Arizona has more problems than just coaching.


Well, it’s good to see my team back in it’s rightful spot at the bottom of the AFC South. Feels like home.


Could this finally be the year KC wins a damn home playoff game? Because I’ve seen this movie before. An offensive juggernaut playing in the friendly confines of Arrowhead gets waxed by a lower seeded team. I don’t like that movie.

Joe Montana, folks. The last Chiefs QB to win at home was Joe ■■■■■■■■■ Montana. So, yeah. It’s been a while.