The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Last week Mahomes broke Brady’s record of most TDs in one season on the road. Now this. He’s simply amazing.


And yet they have one of the worst defenses in the league. If they get a couple of really good defensive players they can be almost unbeatable.

But their defense will probably keep them from winning the SB.


I’m guessing Mahomes was left in as long as he was to get the record. The outcome of the game hasn’t been in doubt since the first quarter.


Looks like the Steelers aren’t going to the playoffs.


Pittsburgh starts a nice 6 1/2 month vacation today. :smile:


Actually, Pittsburgh can STILL get in if Indianapolis and Tennessee tie tonight. :smile:


So they are still hanging in by a thread.

i’m glad KC got the #1 seed. Playing at Arrowhead in January has to be an advantage for them.


I think if both KC and NE make it to the title game, I think KC has the decided advantage.


I think so too. However, I don’t think they will win the SB because their defense is so bad. Mahomes has almost single handedly taken them this far. He should be the MVP, no question about it.


I think so too. However, I don’t think they will win the SB because their defense is so bad. Mahomes has almost single handedly carried the team. He should be the MVP, hands down.


Not quite as good as Dallas missing the playoffs would have been, but I’ll take it.


Speaking of Dallas, I would never have imagined for a second they would have finished the year 10 - 6.


Mid season I had shifted to Brees but for the latter half of the season he was good but not great and didn’t have to carry the team the way Mahomes did.

That said . . . . . Mahomes is not even close to the best player in the league. Aaron Donald had arguably the best season ever at his position in the history of the NFL but because he’s a DT he can’t win the MVP as thats reserved for QB’s and the once a decade RB.

Great as Mahomes was you could put half a dozen QB’s in the league in the KC offense and the team wouldn’t miss a beat. You can’t replace Donald with anyone.


You made a good point. The QB is the glamour position not only in football but just about any sport.

Dont agree with you though about any QB being able to carry KC. Plus Mahomes set several records this season. It’s the defense that’s keeping them from being a formidable team.


Well, looks like the Titans and Steelers will start their extended vacations in about 1:50. :smile:


The great thing about this year’s playoffs, is that no team looks invincible.


That’s very true. Any team could make the SB this time.


Andy Reid’s offense made Alex Smith look like a superstar instead of just a slightly better than average QB. Put in Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Ben Rapistberger, Tom Brady, a healthy Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, Jared Goff, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and probably even a few I’m forgetting and the offense still hums without missing a beat.

That doesn’t mean Mahomes didn’t have a great season because he obviously did. I’d say its the 3rd greatest season ever by QB - I’ll put Dan Marino’s 1984 season above it by a long ways because back then it was so much harder to pass the ball than it is today since back then defenders could mug receivers. And then of course Tom Brady’s season where he threw 55 TD’s. Mahomes should and will win the MVP based on its QB exclusivity.

I’m just dubious how much is Mahomes being a wunderkind and how much is Andy Reid making a good QB look great. Andy Reid’s offenses always makes QB’s look great.


And QBs weren’t treated like china dolls.


Black Monday is here.

So far Vance Joseph (Broncos), Marvin Lewis (Bengals), Adam Gase (Dolphins), Steve Wilks (Cardinals), Dirk Koetter (Bucaneers), and Todd Bowles (Jets) are gone. Add that to the already vacant spots in Cleveland and Green Bay and its going to be a a busy offseason.

Rumors have it that Rex Ryan is in Miami right now campaigning hard to be the Miami coach. I hope not. While I love his enthusiasm I’m not sure he’s a good X’s and O’s guy.