Thank You Trump Voters


Yes, I want to thank Trump supporters as well for getting us where we are.

And, in the spirit of amity evident throughout the land in this moment of resurgent American greatness, I offer the following helpful hints from Art Buchwald, whose books and columns I much admired as a younhg lad.

I call it recycling. It should come in handy.


I prefer competent and effective.


Keep it up. Trumpists are only racking up more kudos from Americans as this progresses.


Thank you Cratic!!!

It’s almost over. What will you do with yourself?


They’ll have years to scream about how the “deep state™” destroyed Trump.


The tops of the towers on the Golden Gate Bridge are 3/4 of an inch further apart at the tops than the bottoms due to the curvature of the Earth. Bet that drive’s ‘em nuts LOL.




She gets lots of interviews on CNN, etc plus stories in WP and so on.


Yea, you would think he has destroyed evidence of multiple crimes by destroying several cell phones, bleach-bit computers, & erasing 33000 emails under subpoena or something like that, or even lied to congress about committing those crimes or something…

Whew! Good thing for him he didn’t do that, because we all know the penalties for all those felonies, huh?


Thank you. Really.