Thank You Trump Voters


Thank you.


Absolutely not.

For one thing, he admits he’s an opinionist, not a journalist. So as with all opinionists, one must parse his opinions and understand his underlying assumptions to begin a search for truth

For another, I don’t find him all that attractive. Do you? :sunglasses:


Meh. Mebbe just a lil…


Fox News has been all over Benghazi in the last day or two.


You’re welcome for saving the country! :+1:


Trump, and only trump can fix it!!


Thank you. Was it your initial intent to destroy the office of the presidency or did Trump just simply appeal to your emotions?

Thank you.


Fox’s new media blitz tactic:



To destroy leftist weenies, mission accomplished!


Any day now… Obama, Hillary and Mueller will be in jail. Any day now…

Any day.


Thank you.

Is there a “mission accomplished” banner to which we can refer so we know the job is done?


Thank you trump supporters. It’s time to make amends and do what’s best for our country.


Uh oh, are we back on the JQ again?


We’ve got Ben Sasse, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and Dan Crenshaw to name a few

In fact Crenshaw should be as big a star on the right as AOC is to the left. The more I get to know him the more I like him.


Its a major story on their front page.


Welcome back. I hope you showered. :slight_smile:


The only reason AOC is such a big star is because the right is having a daily meltdown over everything she says/does/wears.


Fox is leading with the Pelosi/Trump flight plan debacle. Not a whole lot about Cohen. I haven’t listened to the radio yet.


A hearty thank you from me aswell!


Cohen says, “I’ll confess to the inquisition if you stop the torture…”