Thank You Trump Voters


Bleach bit.

Take a drink.


I’m going to make it a point.


Aaaaannnddd now I don’t need to.


Actually…our host is an excellent source of revealing the truth. Do you agree?


Thank you. Again.


Ask Seth Rich’s family.


I heard 2 days ago on his radio show, that he had blockbuster news that was going to break on his TV show that night. Never heard anything about it since…

Nothing berder?


Hannity doesnt claim to be a journalist. Sometimes what he says is speculation and doesnt claim hard truth. That’s part of political opinion/entertainment.


Hannity is a great entertainer. He knows his audience well.


Can a flat earther ever be a surveyor?


Where do you get your news ?


Hopefully the Trump disaster will convince a lot of these voters to switch to the other side. But that’s being really optimistic.


Thank you Trump voters for fundamentally changing the Office of the Presidency into a sad and sickening reality trash Twitter Show!

What for?

The price of a Cost Co membership?

The campaign lie of a Mexico paid “big beautiful wall” of Trump?

The destruction of cleaner air and cleaner water for the sake of Trump’s alleged “clean coal”?

The manufactured chaos at the border, including the truly evil use of illegal immigrant children as pawns in some mean spirited xenophobic chess came?

The obeisance of the highest elected office in the land to Vladimir Putin!

The intentional and happy shutdown of our government for what, for a petulant man-child’s temper tantrum and attempt to be reelected?

Yeah, thank you Trump voters.


Yep, something about 5 buckets to choose from.


Meh…neither side is worthy of much support, IMO. I’d much rather people stop picking ‘sides’, and started looking for candidates who support the things they support without the need for labels and ‘sides’.

It’s a pipe-dream, I know.


I look at it more so from the perspective of the right side = people who actually do the right thing, rather than right v. left or dem v. rep. I think that is going to be the only benfit of this administration: people may wake up and see they did the wrong thing for the wrong (and maybe in their mind the right) reasons.




Hahaha…so you’re a pipe-dreamer to, eh my friend! Well, welcome to the club!


Had the same thought…obvious trap is obvious.


I always hold out hope. I’m truly grateful for Trump supporters because they may have unwittingly and completely without intent helped our country move away from ■■■■■ like Trump.

I guess we’ll see. It can go one of two ways: (1) we elect another (and worse) game show host/reality TV star who lies for a living; or (2) we elect a decent person.