Thank You Trump Voters


Just a lil thread to say thank you for getting us here today. If the information about the president directing Cohen to lie to Congress is accurate, that may be it. It was due to your undying support that lying, dishonesty, immorality, and arrogance became the norm in our country.

Now, I know your knee jerk reaction will be to shriek and say this is all fake. You will also lash out. You will also justify, rationalize, and ardently defend your celebrity apprentice… that’s understandable. He made you feel so good. He let you vote and support ideas because of pure, base emotional instinct. He gave a name and face to your inner rage at certain parts of the human race. That must have been exhilarating.

Regardless of what happens to Trump (because none of us have all the facts), you can be assured I will verbally thank all of you for this dumbing down of our great nation.

Thank you. Ya’ll done us real good.


The unfortunate thing for the Republican Party is that we are out of Ronald Reagan’s to come along and rehabilitate the image of the Republican Party.


July 27th, 2017…dum, da, dum, dum.


Thank you.


Yep. Pretty sad.


It really is amazing how many can not see and hear what’s actually going on around them…unless it’s fed to them by the MSM. My gosh people…


Thank you. Again.


I know…we should be relying on places like Alex Jones and QAnon…they are MUCH more in tune with “what’s really going on” than the MSM.

And actually…the prettier the YouTuber, the more in tune they are…amirite?


Oh. That’s going to be the spin.

Doesn’t work.


I personally don’t want this to be the end.

It needs to get a lot worse than this.


Ah, so the battle cry is going to be “FAKE NEWS!!!”

Where have I heard that one before? :rofl::rofl:


What did my OP say about how they will shriek about this being fake? Smyrna provides a perfect piece of evidence to that fact.

And for that,

I thank him.


amazing thing is that tons of Trump suck-ups will immediately act like he was never their guy. Lindsay Graham, McConnell - all of them will just carry on like it didn’t happen. Those bastards need to be held accountable. And no quarter for Pence - he’s one of the worst, with his adoring, smiling stares and ass-kissing 3rd world dictator praise comments at the start of every cabinet meeting.


Oh, it’s gunna get worse.

No way it can’t.

Trump’s army was told repeatedly during the primaries that their celebrity apprentice was high on immorality, dishonesty, and shadiness and lacking in substance.

He made em feel so good though! Now the books are going to get opened and we’ll have our very first president investigated for RICO. Lol.

It’s gunna get worse. Thank a trump supporter today.


Yep. All of em. Chicken ■■■■■ scared of a bully.


suddenly being smacked in the face with truth is difficult. Some still believe the earth is flat


Too bad I can’t be around an AM radio today.


Bleach Bit. Hammers. Hillary. Comey. Deep State.




The Buzzfeed report on apparent obstruction of justice is not even on the front page of Fox News’ website this morning – unless it is buried near the bottom. That demonstrates its potential impact.

If a tree falls in the forest and no conservative hears it… obviously it did not fall at all.