Should the President suspend habeas corpus and arrest those invading our borders?


I fully support Trump suspending habeas corpus in any and all situations.


If any Democrat, let alone Obama, had dared to even bring this up as a possibility, we would have had 97 Jade Helm conspiracy threads on the forum within an hour.


That he did.

With that said they were facing the greatest crisis this country has ever seen. Half of the country seceded and started a war.

I don’t agree with the methods but I can understand why everyone went along with it considering the circumstances they were facing.


Time will tell on that one, buddy. When John Q. Pervert is legally marrying his chihuahua, we’re all gonna owe Santorum an apology.

MakeAmericaGreatDaneAgain :us:




“Probably”? “Since”??

I should flag this post for disrespect to Trump.


You know what? ■■■■ it, sure. May as well double down on the insanity now while the ship is sinking.


Some people hate brown people so ******* much it causes retardation.



Do eeet.



That picture always cracks me up - looks like someone genetically spliced Donald with Alfred E. Newman.

“What, me worry?”


As with all high handed lawlessness, if the argument about why something they want to do are so correct, obvious and needful it should be relatively easy to win the public debate to do it the correct way.

That included this instance to all the illegal programs or power grabs of the FDR era andto the present day.


Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that suspension of habeas corpus is an Article I power of Congress. Lincoln’s suspension of habeas was illegal, and was only legitimized by Congress passing legislation that not only granted that power for so long as the Civil War continued, but also immunized Lincoln for the original and illegal suspension. There being no current statutory authority, Trump cannot suspend habeas corpus.


Before taking on Habeas Corpus, Trump should end the stupid shutdown so that the Border Patrol Agents who will have to make the arrests are getting paid!

Unless Johnwk meant it literally that Trump himself should be the one making all the arrests. Great idea, but I am afraid his bone spurs will make it impossible for him to do that.


Id rather take a million illegals than read these disgustingly authoritarian threads.


I think I found the thread filled with all the Christians.


Well, most everyone. I wasn’t ignoring it.

That’s the thing with Arbitrary government: once you’re okay with government continuing to do things it has unlawfully gotten away with you have thrown away a large chunk of your arguments as to why government shouldn’t get away with more lawlessness.

Long established lawlessness doesn’t become lawful simply because it’s been around a long time, not even if people are depending on it does it become lawful.


Mass graves?

Have you been skipping your Over The Top Rhetoric Anonymous meetings…


It’s truly a ridiculous assertion. This country has never engaged in such activity.


We have inflicted Ishtar and Highlander 2 on the world, but, yeah, nothing like that.

Edit: while I’m at things we’ve inflicted … the throne room brawl from The Last Jedi reminded me of fight scenes from Power Rangers if only they’d had a big budget. Rita Repulsa would kick Snoke’s ass.