Should the President suspend habeas corpus and arrest those invading our borders?


Absolutely No.

Next question.


I wish the old board was still here to see the OP’s opinions on Jade helm.


What are you talking about? The party that spent their time saying gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married because it would lead to dog marriage? Nothing really happened to them. They are the same as they always were, they just learned from Trump they don’t have to pretend they give a ■■■■■


As if Liberals haven’t already been doing that for decades. Remember when government served the people instead of people being forced to serve the government? I do.


Dear Donald:

This is brilliant advice. Please suspend habeas corpus, and declare martial law. It would make you the greatest president since probably Lincoln.


Well if liberals have been doing it it must be ok. Glad it took republican ellectng a new York conman to bring everyone up to speed


Yeah, because that’s what started this whole mess. Not the gradual taking of our liberties from our “public servants”, (without so much as a peep in protest,) who have been bought and paid for several times over by special interests who could not care less about you or me. :roll_eyes:


Should we mention at this point that Donald Trump has been one of the ones doing the buying and paying for them?

Of course, now he can just bypass that and sign an executive order.


Didn’t vote for him. And Hillary was better? Two sides of the same coin. You just think you had a choice.


Yes, I did. And I said screw them both, and voted for a 3rd party candidate.


How’d that work out? Didn’t your guy lose too? By design.


When was that?


Let’s just say I could look at myself in the mirror the next morning with no regrets.


Clearly before your time junior. Move along.


Without the rudeness… please say the time period you are referring to.

Thank you in advance.


Well you know what they say, if you aren’t part of the solution…


I’m in good company. The two major parties definitely aren’t part of the solution.


John, it takes an act of Congress to do that. Sure Lincoln did it but he acted lawlessly when he did.


thanks Baby Boomers


Ok this post reads like something Robespierre would write.

What’s next the committee of public safety? Maybe some terror? La guillotine needs some victims.