Sean's endorsement of Juul/Nicotine Addiction


I have a friend who teaches high school. He said it’s a huge problem. Unlike cigarettes, students can actually smoke them in the classroom since there isn’t a strong lasting smell. He said he would turn his back, and just see smoke going up in the air. Can’t imagine how often students smoke in the bathroom.

I saw somewhere that all of the huge gains made in reducing smoking among teens over the past few decades have been completely erased thanks to e-cigarettes.


Good for you, I have a friend that smoked for around the same amount of time that was able to quit smoking with a vape device. I am not sure of how much better it is, but within one week the constant horrible coughs he had for at least two years were gone.


Never really got into smoking. The first Surgeon General’s report came out just when I was thinking of taking it up, so I really never did. My mom smoked and quit. My wife also smoked when we first met but quit also. Did smoke cigars briefly, but I really didn’t like that very much. Haven’t smoked anything in decades now and I don’t miss it. Hate to see people vaping. Looks like they’re a factory giving off pollution.