Sean's endorsement of Juul/Nicotine Addiction


What should e-cigarette companies do to reduce teen vaping, in your opinion?


Eliminating flavors is probably the best and perhaps only option they have.


If it works it works. I tried to talk to my aunt during Thanksgiving, but I didn’t give a good pitch.


I like flavors. I’m closer to 40 than 30 but I still enjoy a coffee flavor.


I understand where they are coming from.

But twenty years ago, the percentage of kids who smoked cigarettes was higher than vapers plus cigarettes smokers today - and some of those kids (me) need all the help they can get, now.


I cannot tell if you are serious.


I am. It feels great


Juul has already done that.

Which I’m upset about.

I buy bootleg Juul pods, in tasty fruit flavors. I would, again, be very upset if that happened.


The smoking Nazis seem to think so.


I’ve heard several teens call in to his show, they are listening and it’s not even debatable.


Is it cheaper than smoking?


I would love to hear TDii’s view, but the research I did was the Juul was slightly more expensive than smoking, but if you were to purchase a more expensive vaping device and bought the e-liquid it would be quite a bit more inexpensive than cigarettes.


From my experience, as of now it’s costing me the same amount.

It’s a really high amount. But it hasnt gotten worse.


I was just thinking a lot more people would quit if it was cheaper than smoking, like a Walmart brand device or something……….


I was smoking about 10 packs a week. In Virginia, that’s about $65 bucks. My bootleg Juul packs have been costing me about $55 a week.


So it’s a bit cheaper. Lots of states are more expensive to smoke than Virginia as well.


I recently learned my lesson about buying bootleg cartridges. It wasn’t nicotine, but I did waste 100 bucks.


In terms of cigarette prices, I believe Virginia is tied right at the bottom of the list.


At my local vape shop, there are products of three companies that all sell Juul-compatible pods - cheaper, stronger and more flavors than real pods.


38th most expensive state.