Sean's endorsement of Juul/Nicotine Addiction


I don’t see what the big deal is. Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking.

Sean’s target demographic isn’t children. His shows target adults, often older adults, and so the advertising also targets adults. Adults smokers should be made aware of healthier alternatives to smoking.


Thought highly of Sean Hannity… Then could not believe listening to him endorsing the use of nicotine a drug… Sean, kick the habit come clean and bring hope to so many children…


I just heard an ad on local conservative radio, for juul. It was entirely narrated by Hannity, with him voicing the warning at the end that the product contains nicotine, which is an addictive drug.

This was entirely outside of his program time.

So my original response to this was snarky, I’m rethinking that.


Again, I don’t see what the problem is. His radio show is aimed at an older demographic. Juul is a product which is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Are cigarette smokers such a second class citizen that even healthier alternatives to smoking can’t be advertised to them?

Obviously we shouldn’t be advertising a nicotine product to children, but Sean’s show isn’t a children’s show. 66% of Hannity’s audience is over the age of 50.


Oh, I get that. I’ve heard him on his show talking about how it’s healthier than smoking, and I have no problem with that. Also don’t have a problem with juul advertising on his show.

But him making an ad for juul, with the warning of it containing an addictive drug, while it doesn’t bother me, is something that will bother many of his fans. People who will seek out this forum to make an account just to ask him not to do it.

It’s an interesting choice for him to have made, that’s all I was really commenting on.


Pete Seeger quit the Weavers rather than do a cigarette commercial.
Its not surprising that Sean made a different decision.


As much as I am a fan of Seeger’s, I really doubt what you’re implying there is true. I suspect it’s all money.

As far as whether Sean’s show is not aimed at teens, though, you can’t say for sure that teens don’t listen. For that reason, I’d say he should be cautious about the ads. My opinion.


I am still awaiting for all the usual suspects who posted on the old forum that Obama’s nicotine addition was a sign of a weak character to be consistent and make similar comments about Hannity having the same weakness of character.

And before anyone runs off to the mods to accuse me of COH, read carefully what I said. I did not accuse Hannity of being of weak character just that I expect consistency from those who accused Obama of it.


I’m two weeks off cigarettes with Juul, and I smoked for 18 years.


When Rachael Maddow was mixing drinks on her show every Friday night and nobody seemed to care. Sean Hannity vapes and it’s a major issue? Give me a break.

Vaping is healthier than smoking. Everyone who enjoys a nicotine break should switch to vaping. I don’t consume anymore, but sometimes I think about how much I would enjoy the habit again. I would vape though. My days of smoking Reds is over.


Reds gave me pneumonia twice in my 20’s. I’m just not cut out to be a smoker. The vape thing never really caught on with me. It seems to just make me want more nicotine.


Only time I ever had pneumonia was in Basic Training in Missouri. It’s not fun.

I’m of the opinion that nicotine isn’t the worst thing in the world for an adult to consume. It’s probably healthier to abstain altogether, just like how it’s better to abstain from caffeine (I managed to pull this off… at last during work days. I indulge on the weekends).

It’s my opinion though that if you’re going to use nicotine you should choose a vaping product for health reasons.


I agree. As far as I’m concerned, I’m fine with the nicotine, it’s the other ■■■■ in cigarette smoke that might kill me.

I was a Reds guy too, since I was in my middle teens. These last two weeks are the longest I’ve gone without a cigarette since before I could vote.


I dropped them two years ago for about four years. Just quit cold turkey. I’m a month into it this time around, cold turkey again. Hope I don’t get the itch again. Good luck. Chew bubblegum.


The head of the FDA is threatening a 100% ban on e-cigarettes if they don’t act fact to stop teen vaping.


Gum makes me nauseous, unfortunately.

The Juul has been working very well for me, so far.


That is unfortunate. For my own sake, I hope it doesn’t happen.


My brother in law has a rig that costs more than a Juul rig, but he says the liquid is a lot cheaper and lasts him longer than the juul stuff.


Given the truly epidemic numbers of teen usage, the FDA may simply have no other choice.


I tried that - I bought a vape rig for the first time back in 2008, when the first vape shops started opening on the west coast. I’ve bought a few more, during various failed attempts to quit.

The Juul is the first thing that has actually worked.