Record cold in the Midwest


What do you expect the North Pole to be a tropical Island?


My 5 year old niece understand this better then the President.



did it stop shrinking yet?


Take a good long hard look at this map and explain how this “polar vortex” means the globe is cooling. Notice the “+0.3” versus the average for the world? Yeah see that?

It is a common weather event in the mid-west.


Pretty sure this is all a Canadian hoax.


What you learn from that map is they claim to know temps in lots of places with no data…


Yes, temperature is such a difficult thing to know…

Seriously, that is your deflection? That we can’t even trust thermometers?


It’s more about total volume than size. That’s why thickness is important.


It is, if you don’t have a thermometer there… Obviously…


Just to reiterate how silly your thread is, today, January 31st, the globe is WARMER than average.



Size is important as the ice shrink more water and land is exposed increasing the temp.


and then there is sun spot activity.



And yet the world is still on average warmer.


How do you know?


Between thermometers, sensors, and satellites, we have the entire world blanketed with ways to determine the temperature.


Which are they using for the cartoon picture?..


I’m sure they have a thermometer every 10 square miles in the Himalayas. Sure is hot there…lol!


All of them together.


It’s another round of “any data that does not support me is obviously invalid, and those scientists are frauds”