Public Enemy # 1 Arrested! It Required 17 Vehicles & 27 Agents to Get This Dangerous Man!


In an early morning raid on the suspects home 17 vehicles pulled up swiftly with 27 federal agents racing into the home to make a surprise raid with multiple swat teams on this very dangerous man. They made the arrest before he could react, & seized all his records. This action was very urgent & required for the sake of public safety & homeland security.

We just can’t have dangerous criminal’s like him to be allowed on the loose!

That’s right, the 66 year old Roger Stone was just too dangerous, I mean, after mis-remembering something that happened years ago makes him just that dangerous, & such a horrible crime should carry the death penalty, or at least life without possibility of parole! Of course mis-remembering a minor issue that wasn’t a crime IS lying to congress, even if it wasn’t intentional, huh?

You would think he has destroyed evidence of multiple crimes by destroying several cell phones, bleach-bit computers, & erasing 33000 emails under subpoena or something like that, or even lied to congress about committing those crimes or something…

Whew! Good thing for him he didn’t do that, because we all know the penalties for all those felonies, huh?


The FBI & DOJ is out of control with what they are doing in these endless investigations & raids on anyone associated with Trump. It’s their way of letting the political right & anyone not a RINO they had better not attempt to get in the way of the RINO’s, the Deep State authoritarian’s, or the left, all peas in a pod, all with the same agenda, & all actually on the left. Nobody in the US could stand up to this type of scrutiny & endless investigations, especially the perjury traps, which is in & of itself entrapment, banana republic, & basically the way socialists do things, obviously.


Any officer involved in these raids have betrayed their oath and should refuse. All these RINO’s, Deep State authoritarian’s, and the left involved in these things have also betrayed their oaths & the country.


At least they are getting the criminals (Trump’s closest friends and campaign folks) arrested. Thank goodness for law and order.


Why do you think that you have enough information to condemn how the FBI performs their business?
And you bet they are out of control after multiple indictments and convictions for violating federal law.
You had better start getting use to the fact that Trump and his organization are dirty.


It’s all a coup. The Obama administration cronies who perpetrated it should all be in jail.


The real criminals’ are the ones who started & keep going the investigation.