Please don't use quotation marks for emphasis


I’m not sure if you are highlighting public figures’ repeated rejections of linguistic norms or if you are hoping for a resurgence in the use of “soi disant”.


I’m sure you can find intelligent, civilized society that you won’t be embarrassed somewhere else.

Because we deplorables aren’t going anywhere.


Funny. A lot of the self declared deolorables left this forum in search of a safer space.

I miss them. Especially after this last week.


Again, incorrect.


I just take that tweet as Trump unintentionally making fun of himself, and I appreciate him for it.

Silver linings.


“Is” “this” “another” “thing” “,” “that” “Americans” “have” “to” “now”
“add” “to” “the” “list” “of” “things” “,” “that’s” “Politically” “Correct” “?”

Try typing the above 10 times fast. Ya can’t do it!!!