Oops, He Did It Again. Trump Met Putin Without staff or Note Takers Present — Again


Well according to Trump he is.


Putin is a former KGB officer, who used his ability to get dirt on people and use it to his advantage, to become the most powerful man in Russia and one of the richest men in the world.

Trump is a former businessman with no intelligence experience.

This is like the New England Patriots vs the New Kent High School Owls.


And yet it is Trump who was praised by the current head of NATO for strengthening NATO and putting pressure on Russia.


Maybe ,Trump is doing this because he is about to go into ven,and was giving them time for the foreign embassies to take note and be aware.think about it ,lies secrets hush hush on both sides. Lets wait for the real answers to come out ,not the made up fake news crap.


For as freaked out as the fake news is it won’t be long.


Just out of curiosity, how does one get access to all of the information that Mueller’s team has to make the determination that “there is no evidence?” I haven’t been able to find any way to gain access to what evidence he does or doesn’t have.


Why is it only his meetings with Putin that are left unrecorded?


Oh ya but what about hillarys emails


There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence


There are 2 too many words in this sentence. :grinning:


Some conservatives don’t care that the President is intentionally hiding the content of his meetings with Putin, including his own advisers and intelligence leaders.


And here’s an excerpt from an article that is basically against Trump having the private meetings:

“Of course, presidents can and do have one-on-one discussions with other world leaders; summits abound with photos of President Barack Obama pow-wowing with the likes of Dilma Rousseff], Angela Merkel and, yes, even a few chats with Vladimir Putin; a critical point in U.S.-Cuba negotiations came during a formal one-on-one meeting with Pope Francis.”


Curious as to the meeting wit Dilma, I came across this:

In a statement, Rousseff claimed that Obama had promised to clear up the matter directly with her by next Wednesday, adding that the alleged spying was “incompatible” with an amicable bilateral relationship.

That was of course, the upset about the Obama administration spying on foreign leaders.

The point being, of course, that having private meetings is only horrendous now that Trump is the President doing it, and was quite benign when Obama did it.


Ol’ Flexible… Putin’s best buddy.

Trump is kicking him out of Venezuela…Obama didn’t care.


Most believe much of it is somewhat more than circumstantial. “Circumstantial” would presume Trump’s intent was possibly innocent. There were, according to the Moscow Project, “101 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia linked operatives,” and “the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them.” Trump’s intent on these cover-ups (and his team’s intent) are not in question. Their efforts to cover up these contacts have been corroborated as illicit and intentional in clear and unmistakable detail.


No, the point being any prez under investigation for collusion with Putin shouldn’t be having clandestine meetings with Putin.


Sorry. Simply starting an investigation of a President or his campaign does not reduce the authority granted to him to run the country’s foreign affairs that was granted through the prior legitimate election. To do so disenfranchises those who voted for him.
Not that some wouldn’t try to use such an investigation to do just that.
“Insurance” I believe some have called it.


Wasn’t even Putin! It was Medvedev.


Yes a President has the authority to schedule a secret meeting with Putin, allowing him a venue to collude freely against America’s interests. Is there an argument in this post somewhere you are trying to make? Because I certainly can’t find it.


I see no evidence that Obama colluded with Putin. You take that back.
And mere paranoia on the left doesn’t prove any such collusion by Trump, either.


Oh you’re calling it paranoia now? What happened to “Witch Hunt”?

I’m afraid Trump’s illicit involvement with Russia is quite real. I’m actually okay with any and all presidents meeting privately with Putin who are not under investigation for collusion with KGB killers.