Oops, He Did It Again. Trump Met Putin Without staff or Note Takers Present — Again


Good time to invest in popcorn!


How many days? I’ve been waiting. We’re over a month past the last promise. C’mon. I gotta know. I’m dying here.


I’ve gone through so many of these letter-numbers now that I’ve just about finished a full game of Battleship.


Why is Putin the only world leader trump meets with by himself with no record?


That’s the thing. He doesn’t do it with anyone but Putin. And he tried to cover the latest meeting up. Nothing suspicious here.


Nicely phrased. I may have to borrow that sometime.


Lord Donald moves in mysterious ways. We just have to have faith in his eleventy dimensional genius and patriotism.


Your comic book comparison is not “equal” at all. Talking to the U.S. attorney general is in no way comparable to talking to a KGB killer.


Putin is free to describe the meeting as anything he wants. Thanks to your failure-in-chief there is nothing to dispute his accounting of what words were exchanged.


So if the FBI suspected Obama of being an agent of the Kremlin, and if he was under an ongoing investigation of Russian collusion, you would be okay with him having multiple meetings in secret with the head of Russia?

Not only that, but you would be okay with him going to “extraordinary lengths” to cover up exchanges with the KGB killer?


That’s the point. The whole Russia conspiracy thing is a crock. And by “the FBI” we are talking about anti Trump activists Comey, McCabe and Strzok…not the rank and file.
“He talked to Putin…Oh No!” is just the latest part of the game.


The point is you wouldn’t. The only reason my hypothetical may sound like a crock is because Obama is so squeaky clean. Trump, not so much.

Blaming everything on Strzok & Co serves for nothing other than making the far right sound absurd. The fact that there are so many who are so willing to sell out America to Russia is proof of nothing other than absurdity en masse.


The fact that there is no evidence Trump ever had anything to do with selling out the country to Russia even though Trump haters have been after it for over two years is what is absurd. It has become a faith and a myth. It is ridiculous.


The only absurd part is the claim that an investigation has produced no evidence before the report is even presented. Your comments prove nothing other than how you have made up your mind to defend Trump no matter what the report says.

No evidence? For one, Trump intentionally tried to cover up the Trump tower Russia meeting. This certainly shows a willingness to lie to cover up ties with Russia. The fact that a third of the country doesn’t care about his illicit intent indicates nothing other than the worthlessness of that third.


Nonsense. There is no evidence. If someday there is evidence, then there will be, but as of now there is none.
You can say there may be evidence of anyone having committed a crime. If there is no evidence, that is just noise and smoke. It is not impossible that they may have committed a crime, but just speculating is not justification for treating them as if though they had.
I have not made up my mind on future events. People who treat Trump as if though he had some special and nefarious dealings with Putin before the evidence is show to exist are the ones who have made up their minds. Do you know anyone in that category?
Maybe people who pretend there is an “illicit intent” before the evidence is provided?


Exactly! And therein lies the problem with talking to an adversary with no witnesses on your side present. They can put whatever words in your mouth that they want, and you have no way to rebut them.


Oh please. That is a made up problem. Putin hasn’t described anything about the meeting and if he made something up all Trump would have to do is say no, that isn’t what was said.


Except the only person less credible than Putin is Trump.

Putin hasn’t tried to falsely characterize the meeting yet, so what? Should he be in some kind of hurry? What are you even trying to argue?


Rams might need you this weekend


Putin is known for his truthfulness, then? I didn’t know that.

You do know that Putin hasn’t said anything about such a conversation and this is all made up, right?