Oops, He Did It Again. Trump Met Putin Without staff or Note Takers Present — Again


The funny thing is, they continue to support him no matter what he does and say.


You have no idea what they talked about, nor do you have any right or need to know. Two world leaders spoke for a moment in private. I know of no law or protocol prohibiting that.
That it was somehow nefarious is all made up.


No, he doesn’t. People like to pretend, though.


Look up the Presidential Records Act of 1978.


Uh - huh. I bet that was the same logic used by the Nixon administration.


Read me the part that every time a President talks to someone it has to be recorded.


Nixon Administration

Called media “enemy of people”.
Called the Watergate investigation “witch hunt”
Banned reporters of Washington Post from White House

Trump = Nixon - Both crooks


He took the official notes away from the translator last time.


Question for you, would you be ok if Obama did the exact thing with Castro while he was still alive?




I think you and I can agree these secret meetings with Vlad were of no use to the United States Government.




Nothing sketchy or stupid going on here.


You hit the nail on the head. You literally can only imagine.


I think you need to realize he has no allegiance to any government


Do you like pushing that fake news narrative?


Deepstates days are numbered, it will be a great show.


oh is that back on? what’s the new letter-number?


Its getting to be like waiting for the rapture.


What’s that got to do with the fact that Trump is meeting the Russians without witnesses? WHY doesn’t he want witnesses? That in itself is extremely suspicious.

Smyrna, can you think of any reason why Trump would not want people - at least high ups in his own damn government - to know what he’s talking to Putin about?