Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


Why not respect those who don’t want a man who participated in such an overtly racist photo governing them?


Sure like I said you can keep on voting for people like Roy Moore and Steve King and pretend that it doesn’t matter what they’ve done or what they say. It used to be that republicans cared about morality. Trump must have killed that too.


Tim Allen.

Was the person charged? Was he tried, found guilty and punished? Did he redeem himself? Rape, I would be more suspicious of. Was it date rape, or a serial rapists? I understand the latter may not be able to reform.

I look at the candidate’s professional qualifications. I don’t go back and study his yearbooks.


The comedian?


I’m sure he lost many votes in the present should he care to run for another office, Congressman, for example. I respect that. But here’s the deal: If people have to go back thirty-five years to find something in which to smear a politician, they are no better than gossips and tattletales–behavior I tend to discourage.


These are people we look to to make decisions that affect our lives. Politicians should be held to a higher standard.

He should have known better than to dress as black face or KKK.

The people of Virginia can decide for themselves what he should do, and if they can forgive him. But personally, I think he should resign.


But did they really? Or was it all just an act that Trump promptly exposed?


Nah, that was Clinton and the Kennedys. Actually, as I said before, it’s not as if any politician ever cared. It was just a useful political tool to smear an opponent. We simply removed than ring from our noses so the opposition party couldn’t grab onto it and lead us around any more. This, of course, has made them furious, and they now try to grab the shame ring (which we removed when Mrs. Clinton ran for office) and are coming up empty. So now they are trying howling and throwing toddler tantrums. And are being ignored.


Why would you want a racist in our govt?


Yes you are.

Unless you happen to walk on water, you (yes even you) have stupid stuff you said and did 34 years ago. Should we slather it all over the ‘racists getting fired’ page, and demand your employer fire you in the here and now for those things long in the past?

That is basically what you’re doing to this Virginia Governor, is it not?

Think…just think.


The defense of Northam by “conservatives” is simply a defense of Trump. If they can excuse Trumps utterly immoral behavior, then they have to excuse others or else looks like hypocrites.


Yes. An example that some people can turn their lives around.


I hope the party of Donald Trump, Steve King and Roy Moore works out for you.


Ding, ding, ding, We have a winner!


It’s acceptable that Republicans are throwing away their sense of morality because some Democrats did first?


Good, then you won’t mind me doing a little digging into your past, slathering stuff you said decades ago on your employers facebook account, and getting you fired in the here and now over stuff you did back then. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?


Sure- I definitely agree with that. People like Trump, Moore and Steve King have never apologized for their behavior. At least Northam is not trying to deny it. And at least he is profusely apologizing.


You seriously don’t think we should check out the backgrounds of politicians? Like- at all?


Saying stupid things ≠ dressing up in blackface or a KKK robe as a 25 year old man.

And 34 years ago I was an infant. I wasn’t saying much of anything.


Is @Orygun wanting to be a public servant who represents a wide range of constituents?