Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


Do you find it “Ironic” that Democratic Politicians constantly preach about
equality, and that they’re for Minorities, and then something like this happens?

Maybe, it’s possible that Democratic Politicians don’t really care about Equality,
and minorities, but just want their votes. So they pretend to care?


He is toast. Unlike Trump’s GOP, democrats will not support this guy.


As a Conservative, I hope that Ralph Northam sticks around.


I don’t find it ironic.

A few bad apples don’t equate to the entire party.

What I find ironic is that Northam’s own Democratic party is pressuring him to resign.
How many in the Republican party are pressuring Steve King to resign?


I don’t know. How many? Every case in life is different to some degree.

Do you think that Kavanaugh is innocent?
Personally, I think that the Democratic Politicians simply tried to slander a man’s
good name, when it came to Kavanaugh.

I find it Ironic, because the Democrats pride themselves on being accepting of
everyone, and all about Equality.

That is the only thing they got left to lean on. Take that away, and what do They
Stand For? Personally, I think that Conservatives should use this to their advantage.


They are stupid for doing so.

We have just roasted a Heisman Trophy winner for things he said as a child…a child!

Now we are going to string someone up for something they did 34 years ago?

I don’t care if he’s democrat, republican, libertarian, vegetarian, this has got to stop.

Everybody has something in their past they did decades ago they aren’t proud of. Who is going to be left to run this country after we burn everything to the ground?


Is Teddy Kennedy an example of the standards Democrats have?


Why do the examples given by Republicans pretty much all fall back to people who died years ago?


There is a stark difference between an idiot wearing racist garb and a man being accused of sexual assault.


Be sure to throw Robert Byrd in there, just to cover your bases.


One can be a Racist, and one can be a Sexists.

Both of these things the Democrats constantly preach about,
and yet some of them are both of these things at times.

I’m sure several people within the Democratic Party know this about their
fellow Politicians, and simply look away and don’t say anything.

I wonder why that is?


And I realize it’s very tempting to look at the Republican party and it’s unwillingness to confront the real ugliness in it’s party today. Whether it be the President endorsing Roy Moore, the fact Steve King has not met on widespread calls to resign from his party, or the long history of sordid, cruel behavior from Trump himself, some Democrats look at isolated incidents like this or the accusations against Al Franken and they seem to pale in comparison.

But here is the thing. Whether or not it is convenient or politically expedient, we should be better than they are. Let them wallow in the sewer. We clean up our messes and move forward.


Agree. First, it was a Halloween costume, not an actual event. There are far, far too many who look around thinking, "Hmmm, society frowns on lynching African Americans…so who do we lynch now? We frown on the mob mentality back in the 50s and celebrate our own in 2019? Because mob mentality is what we are seeing right now. And look at all rushing to join the band wagon.

I agree with you. This has got to stop. Like yesterday.


Northam isn’t being strung up. He is being told that his actions, and the fact that he was not open and honest about them throughout his political career, are unworthy of someone who has asked to lead a state of 8.5 million people.


It happens to both parties.

Its the responses that matter.

Kavanaugh was starkly defended by Republicans. The women who accused Brett were slammed by Republicans and the republican media. Steve King has not been pressured to step down.
Northam has been pressured into stepping down. NCAAP, Black caucus, former governor, both Republicans and Democrats, etc. He’s in a no-win situation and will, I predict, step down.


Did I mess up my math. My mistake.


There are plenty of living ones, just making the point without taking this thread off track. We can start another thread on that if you would like. However, my point is that everyone–whether they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party or Tea Party have something in their past they would not repeat again–and would not care to have it under a spotlight today. Why not respect that? The present life of any politician is fair game, but let the past be. Or, as I said previously, note that the culture of the time was so different, not the yearbook photographer, not the yearbook staff, not the yearbook advisor or even the yearbook publisher thought twice about a stupid Halloween costume. It was if two med students left off studying too late to plan something creative and had to make do with black paint and a sheet.


I am almost sure you don’t believe that. You would overlook a past history of criminal behavior? Robbery? Rape? Murder? Of course we look at a persons past as a judge of character.


I was 15 in 84. We knew that was horrific and wrong back then.


Here is the deal: We.don’t.care. (Some of us). After the Kennedys and the Clintons, it is pretty obvious nor do the Democrats. Unless, of course, they can use such trash in their political games.

We don’t care about stupid political games each party wants to play with the other. It is unbecoming, childish, and stupid. Republicans want to know what policies and issues are being addressed, not who dressed up as what thirty-five years ago, or who did something outlandish even ten years ago.

That people think this affects how a lawmaker is/will perform his job today is just plain idiotic. What is really going on is, “Here’s a political ploy we can use to shock and outrage their stupid voters. Those lemmings and sheep who call themselves voters are so easily led…snicker, snicker.”