Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


I sure as heck didn’t pose for any pictures that had KKK robes in them! It wasn’t 1954, it was 1984. He should resign.


Meh. Mistakes happen.


And all of us who didn’t, should now dress up as virtuous, self-righteous prigs and pat each other on the back. Let’s never forgive others, because after all, we certainly don’t need/want forgiveness.


Oh, I forgive the guy. I just don’t think he should continue as an elected official. He can work any number of other jobs imo.



First off, I live in Va and am a conservative. Northam did not get my vote and I would be glad to see him leave. Preferably with a conservative back in office.

That being said, why do you think people should be judged by something they did barely out of their teens? OK…actually he would have been 25 at the time. But still, that was a long time ago. Newsflash…there are no perfect people. Everyone of us has screwed up. What candidate would be able to survive scrutiny if you are going back 30 or 40 or 50 years?

Northam will be 60 this year. What person have you ever known who is the same at 60 as they were at 25. Dont sweat this stupid stuff. All they are trying to do is to give the masses something to be outraged over. Dont fall for it. Instead, acknowledge that he did a stupid thing at 25, and who hasnt?
If this guy today is doing what his voters want, and if today his views are in line with the people that voted for him, I say they should keep him.

Again, I dont like the guy. I dont like the guy because of his beliefs today, Not because of something stupid he did at 25.


This isn’t something most people engage in. This was reprehensible back in 1984. This crosses a line for political figures.


Fascinating to see how this is discussed here.

Frequent Kevin Bacon games to paint MAGA hats as racist are good sport.

A 25 year old with hard evidence of racist sympathy gets right past the background check and elected to a Governorship as a D.

CNN in full propaganda mode scrolls an R.

If this surfaces prior to election, Virginia has a R Governor.

Now it simply becomes a matter of applying the scarlet racist letter to correct the propaganda machine.

The new governor will be a perfect ideological fit and no need for a gubernatorial election.

See how much better D is at race relations than R?

Politics has devolved to such a low that NOBODY with any moral fiber would ever step in.



I’m sure you called out Foxnews the many time they made a similar mistake going the other way?


Thoughts and prayers


I had the same reaction to that picture – though only in the context of what was being discussed at the moment.

But I’ll say this. The vast majority of all abortions most certainly DO kill a perfectly healthy human life. The rush of proposed (or enacted) new state legislations are couched in protecting the right to kill babies in tragic cases. (Yes, kill – it’s still killing a human life, albeit under tragic circumstances in the discussions from the left on this board.) But there are clauses and wordings and provisions added in that are sinister.

You correctly pointed out that a minuscule proportion of abortions (as of now) are late-term. For whatever reason. The rest of the abortion industry marches on. To me, people hiding behind the rare and tragic cases to argue for the continuation of our abortion practices are just using those cases as human shields to prop up ongoing elimination of a quarter of our future generations.

The cheering on the floor of the NY legislature wasn’t about the protection of the termination of the rare cases. (Who cheers that??) It was about abortion overall.

The proposed VA legislation was more sinister than NY’s. After the discussion on the floor, even one of the co-sponsors apologized for putting her name on it once she saw what was really in it.

The push to expand the envelope is relentless. All the while, a million perfectly healthy human lives are deliberately snuffed out each year. And the NY legislators cheer. And they lit up bridges and buildings in pink to celebrate the “progress”.


Actually, that is “the question” for today.

Tomorrow some new offense will become the outrage. What are “micro-aggressions” today could become the next offense used to ruin someone.

Now, you might ask, “OK, what would that next issue be?” And I could use my imagination and propose something. And everyone would say, “Oh, come on… That’ll never happen…” Which is exactly my point. Nobody was giving a second thought to a picture like that in the 80s and 90s.

Blackface may not have been acceptable in polite society back then, but I doubt a picture like that would have sunk a guy’s career in 1990 like it will today. As people have pointed out, even a history of direct KKK participation didn’t sink Sen. Byrd back then. (I hope it would today!)



I live in Virginia, and didn’t vote for Northam, given that given the current climate of excusing previous actions by GOP I don’t see the need for him to step down.

I mean we have a President that bragged about grabbing ■■■■■ on strange women on a live mike. I don’t see calls for him to resign over it.

The same politician boinked a porn star while is wife was at home recovering from delivering their son and 10 years later paid said porn star $130,000 just a few days (IIRC about 11) before the election to keep the information away from the voting public.

The same politician was sued by the Federal government for racial discrimination for housing projects. The politician was forced to - ah hem - “settle the suit” and his counter-suit was dismissed by the courts.

If President Dennision can remain in the oval office, I don’t see why Northam should be foreced to resign.


I have exactly one good reason:
Because Democrats have standards.


Justin Fairfax would assume office if/when Northam resigns. He’s a Democrat, and would be eligible to run again in 2021.

No conservative will hold office. There aren’t many out there.


"RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam acknowledged Friday that he appears in a photo on his 1984 medical school yearbook page that shows a person in blackface and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe.

The revelation of the photograph prompted some Republicans to call for his resignation. Northam quickly apologized.

The Democratic governor confirmed in a statement that he was in the photo wearing a costume “that is clearly racist and offensive.” Northam did not say which costume he was wearing."

"“This behavior is not in keeping with who I am today and the values I have fought for throughout my career in the military, in medicine, and in public service. But I want to be clear, I understand how this decision shakes Virginians’ faith in that commitment,” he said.

Republican state Sen. Bryce Reeves said in a statement that Northam should resign if the reports of the photos are accurate.

“I hope that this picture is inaccurate and that the governor brings clarity to this issue. This has no place in Virginia,” Reeves said."

The Democratic Party that started the KKK are at it again.
The Democrats like to play the race card and constantly say that Republicans
are the Racist ones though.

“Virginia rejects racist “Trump agenda” by electing Democrat Ralph Northam as governor.”


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do you know if it is true that CNN tried telling people that this guy was a Republican?


No idea. I was watching last night and didn’t hear or see that.