Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


Thoughts and prayers to those poor people being called that…I’ll light a candle in their names…

Mind you the right broad brushes the dems as baby killing, socialist, gay lovers, who commit massive amounts of voter fraud while wanting open boarders…

So…I guess the victim card was a weak play…


Of course there was evidence…those folks didnt want to take the stand…her testimony and his reactions were enough to can him…but as usual to the rights credit they plowed on…not giving a ■■■■


What victim card is that exactly? Who was the victim here other than the kid being used by Northam and his campaign?


Her testimony was refuted by the very people she claimed were present.


The left says the right is racist…amazing that needed to be spelled out since you wrote it three posts ago…


That was the point of the ad.


There is a lot of racism inside the gop…numerous news stories bear that out…


If you dont like that then police your own…


The Virginia governor went after the Republican candidate hard on racism, often citing Charlottesville to the republican challenger.


Personally I think actions done 35 years ago should be taken more lightly than recent events. I sure as hell wouldn’t put on a Klans hat or black face, but it happened a long time at a time when he was in college/medical school.

I am not saying it should be encouraged and he definitely should be condemned/scolded. At the same time I think kicking someone out and shunning them from society over something which happened 35 years ago is a bit to much. Very few people didn’t do something down right ridiculous in high school or college. An apology would suffice for me. Now if they had a pattern of this behavior or it was a more recent event then that would change everything and I would not give him a pass.

Forgiveness should be an American trait as well on both sides of the aisle. I would imagine he regrets his actions and wished that event in school would have stayed buried forever.


People’s views evolve over time, we can see that simply by looking at people we know and what either party is supporting at any given time.

Take an issue like abortion, very few people at fifty will still have the exact same view on the subject they held at 18 or even thirty.

If democrats want to set such a purity standard for themselves they’re going to sink their own ship.


Really? There are 56.000,000 registered republicans, how many such individual stories have made the news in the last say 2 years?


That’s 100% the truth. No one is an angel. Obama smoked crack, Bush Jr a dui. Neither one of those things from their past had any effects on the way they governed. Don’t get me wrong if the Virginia governor would have dressed like the Klan and then went out terrorizing African Americans then of course that would change the calculus.

And as you said people change and grow up. I remember driving like a complete idiot when I was a teen, we had street racing events and would race going way over a 100mph on the street being extremely wreckless and dangerous.

Twenty years later I look back and think what the hell was I thinking I could have died or worse had killed someone, As you said we grow, our minds change. I started off a liberal over the years I have become conservative , we all change.




CNN was quick to call Governor Northam a Republican…why would they do that?


Most likely, but Northam should have known his yearbook contained the racist picture. It was bound to come to public eye.

Northam should be ashamed and embarrassed. He needs to resign.


When? I watched last night from 730 til 1030. Never once did they call him a Republican.


This is not acceptable. It’s great he regrets it and apologized, but he shouldn’t hold elected office. Resign.


You were still a school boy at 25?


Time for him to resign. Bad decisions have consequences. That wasn’t OK then just like it’s not now.