Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


Thirty-five years from now, how forgiving do you mean to be of youthful errors and shortcomings?


If he does resign the Lieutenant Governor would succeed him, and he can run in the next election cycle (2021.)


You wouldn’t remember you were in black face or a KKK outfit?

I remember everything stupid I did in high school, college and even in my 20’s and I’m 62. In fact, it’s the stupid things one does which are usually the hardest to forget.


It would never occur to me to ask that question, because in the West where I grew up those things were never an issue. Black classmates in high school, black roommates in college. Whatever our interests were, it wasn’t black face or white hoods any time of the year–including Halloween.


Have you forgiven yourself for them?


Not really. Often something I did enters my mind out of the blue and I’m still embarrassed/mortified by it.


Don’t you credit Governor Northam having similar feelings? Do you feel you should resign your position based on behavior in the past when you have since learned better?

Now, if this had been a picture of Governor Northam taken last Halloween, I would agree that under the circumstances, he should stop down. But it wasn’t. If Governor Northam is prejudiced, then present evidence of that today, and take it back to 1984. A single Halloween incident thirty-five years ago is not reason enough to remove him from office, not when he is apologetic about it today.


I don’t work. But I knew I definitely should never run for public office. Just the drugs I did in high school and college would have disqualified me.


You guys are pushing way past what’s even allowed in Western European countries your party is lurking into some uncharted Chinese type government abortion creepy practices.

The bill the Governor talked about would have taken the requirements from 3 doctors to 1. Tran’s bill would have allowed one doctor to certify such abortions and would have lowered the standard for determining risk to the mother. The current law says doctors must determine a pregnancy would “substantially and irremediably impair the mental or physical health of the woman.” Tran’s bill would have removed the phrase “substantially and irremediably.”

I’m glad to see there is some morality still left in the Democratic Party and Senator Kaine has came out against it. Hats :tophat: off to him.


A perfect illustration of everything wrong with the Republican party today in two tweets:


What you call eating your own (which your own party does do, don’t lie you yourself) in this case is called holding them responsible. I know it’s cool with the reps to elect a person who bragged about sexual assaults or leave a rep in office who holds racists beliefs.


He was 25.


Well now we know who was driving this truck…don’t we?

That’s right…none other then Ralph Northam himself.

Funny how that most libs yeah racist are racist themselves.


That’s quite the broad brush your doing there, Conan. The Republicans have vile, disgusting racist trash Steve King. I doubt any lib on here thinks every republican on here is racist, even though King is an elected Republican.


Born in 59, that would make him 25 in 84.


All and Most have two very different meanings yet republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters of any stripe are broad brushed as racist on a regular basis here anytime race is discussed.


Yes we figured that out…


It is interesting the consistency I’m seeing…the left is saying he should step down while the right is saying he has changed and he shouldnt… reminds me of the scotus Brett k. Issue…


You know that old saying, two broad brushes don’t make it right.

Let’s just try to listen to the First Lady and be best.


There was never any evidence to support the allegations against Kavanaugh other than that he partied in HS and College.

You folks are setting a standard that will not be sustainable in the future for your own party.

It doesn’t bother me for a moment though to see democrats eating their own where in the past they’d fight like hell to cover up and defend them no matter how serious the allegation.

Even T. Kennedy and Byrd were both defended mightily until after their deaths and many to this day still stand by them.