Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


An issue is Northam’s problems with race appear to continue to this day.

For example he appears to refuse to shake the hand of a black opponent:

And his campaign removed his African-American running mate from some adds, while leaving the white candidate for attorney general:


Technically, Fairfax wasn’t Northam’s running mate as Va has separate elections for Gov and Lt Gov. There have been many instances in Virginia history where the Gov and Lt Gov were in different parties.


The white attorney general candidate was not a running mate either. Why was he in the ads, but the Lt. Governor is missing?


I don’t disagree with your overall point and I did call for Northam to resign, earlier in the thread.


I grew up in Chesapeake.

Yep… casual racism was/is certainly a thing.


I’m not on the band wagon because I’m not from Virginia.
He’s theirs to deal with. My opinion shouldn’t count.

Hello Johnrocks… Far, far away, in the old forum you were an encouraging influence. I appreciated then, as now. less right


I lived right near Quantico in northern Virginia as recently as seven months ago and its definitely still there, sad to say.


Wrong, it wasn’t corroborated. Not corroborating something is very different than refuting it.


I go down at Christmas to visit my family in Great Bridge.

My brother talks of the liberals wanting to take down “our sacred statues”

So yeah… it’s real.


Yes, Northam may be able to tap into the legacy of the late Democrat Majority Leader, Senator Robert Byrd. The same Robert Byrd who was a former member of the KKK and insisted on using racial epithets in an interview in 2001. The same Robert Byrd who was eulogized by President Obama and the NAACP after his death in 2010.

What will the Senate do without Democrats like the great Robert Byrd?

Northam for US senate?

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  2. Northam’s gotta go. Period.


Are you bummed that the NAACP was so fond of him? If you want, take it up with them. Write a letter saying that they are wrong for appreciating that he was on the vanguard of changing from being a racist Southerner in the 60s to deeply helping the Civil Rights cause for the next 40 years. Something about that must make you mad?


My question is: Why did that photo make it into a yearbook? Aren’t there editors and reviewers? Even if, and I use this loosely, the person in blackface was “more acceptable”, any photo of someone wearing a KKK outfit definitely does not get into a yearbook. Period.


Notice that arguments over racism in Democrats always defers back to Robert Byrd. Always.


Obviously because he helped promote the kkk. He opposed the civil rights bill before he was for it.


Great, Byrd is dead, and was a piece of garbage.


Why do you think the NAACP commemorated him so strongly after he died? Are you mad at them for doing that too?


No its obvious keeping the d behind his name helped more than any change he may have had in his moral beliefs.


Unlike Strom Thurman, who left the Democratic Party because of their being for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and became a Republican. Which is why the South is solidly Republican now. They all switched.

It’s like people don’t know, or choose to be willfully ignorant, of this part of our country’s history.


Racism is everywhere, it doesn’t have a country or a skin color. Even here in Lilly white liberal Seattle there is an undertone of racism as well as segregation just like every other U.S. city. If America was a test for diversity it failed a long time ago. Every city has there west/east/south/north sides that at least one area is segregated and ten miles out the people who left live in the suburbs.