Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


I think he should resign more on the abortion issue, though this is not the issue on this thread. I think yesterday he said ‘I am sorry for my decision to appear in this photo’. Then one day later, /I thought about it and I really didn’t do, I mean it this time’, just ain’t credible. Are we supposed to believe even though he posed for the yearbook, he had no idea that this yearbook had this photo right alongside his picture. He wasn’t aware, never looked at it, or heard about it til yesterday. And then none of his friends in the school told him about this horrid picture, and warned him about this racist thing. It is not credible that he had no idea about this, and the name coon something, just happened to be there. Or if his friends knew about it, they didn’t care to let him know about this racist picture because he hung out with racists himself since they thought he’d fit right in. It would have been fine if he came out with this a long time ago, said that was horrible, I am a different person than that now. But I learned from this, he would have needed to do this a long time ago. He only comes out with this now after caught. This guy also had the nerve to label very moderate Gillespie as ‘racist’ when he did this in his background… I am more disturbed by his callousness and also mischaracterizing the abortion law, but that is another thread. But even on this issue, he needs to resign.


Where’s Trumps statement on Steve King?


The laws being discussed don’t limit late term abortions to such compromised babies.

They are basically legalizing what Gosnell was convicted of.

Modern med tech can detect most conditions that would create such an issue of viability/quality of life condition are detectable long before the third trimester and most certainly before a woman goes into labor.

Something like 80-85% of the population opposes late term abortion so those that are promoting it are by definition the extremists on the subject.

I’m glad to see democrats promoting such ghoulish and disgusting laws now because it will highlight the issue going into 2020.


Doesn’t need to resign. Too far back in time to judge him on this now.


Same here. I suspect he’s going to end up having to leave and I won’t be torn if he does. I was kind of OK with him staying given his record since then until he changed his story. That did it.


How you got from one point to the other beats me. Especially since the second isn’t true.


What even funnier is the thousands of times he denies saying something and voila! out pops videos and tweets of him saying what he just denied.


It’s been 34 years and he was in high School , I can oppose him on a lot of things but not this


It’s always the cover up.


Hey John!

Actually, he was in medical school, and it was the 80s.


I simply think we need to put this JK context, I’m nor he same person I was In 1984, who is that was around then, he was a very you g guy when this type humor was more acceptable, we don’t even know the context of that picture, I was in college from 1979’-1982, we had fun, we did things I’d be ashamed of now, I simply am not going to condemn anyone for something that happened that far back, we let murderers out within that span of time occasionally and now we are going to ruin a man due to a pic in 84 when he was basically a kid?


I agree to a point, but he was 25 years old, not a kid. There are 25 year old NCOs leading squads and even platoons in combat.


I’m honest enough to say I did some seriously dumb things when I was 25, most people pushing 60 like me can say the same if they are honest with themselves


People do stupid things when they are young- but the dude was a 25 year old Med student in the mid 80s. People do change and should be forgiven some actions. But in this case he is botching his apology and ruining any chance for saving his ass. And the fact is that we are also in really challenging times when race issues are strongly highlighted. He just presents the wrong image for the Democratic Party.


Almost everyone did dumb stuff when they were young. The degree of dumb is what counts though. I’m not saying what Northam did rises to the level of a felony, but if the “dumb stuff” you did included one, then it will follow you into your 50’s and beyond. Just a way of saying, all youthful indiscretions can’t be automatically dismissed.


I think his “apology” is actually making him look much worse. And I’m saying this as someone who was a Virginia resident in 2017 and voted for Northam.


So the degree is subjective?


Yes, absolutely.


Well, I’m not a fan of him politically and I think his apology does make it worse but I’m not going to get on the bandwagon here, it was over three decades ago


I grew up in Norfolk, where he went to med school and graduated HS the year before the photo was taken. There was definitely a culture of racism there at the time and I agree that photo was a “product of the time and place.” However, its a terrible look for a governor in 2019.