Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


That could mean coon hunting with dogs, a harmless activity unless you happen to be a racoon. Not defending the dumbass, just sayin’…………


The man doesn’t seem to understand that he is at the "eat ■■■■ " phase of public opinion.


No, he was NOT a “college” student he was in Medical school. Not acceptable behavior for someone who wants to become a Doctor! Someone who may need to treat a Black person.


Do you even really listen to what you are saying? Anyone who thinks that it is OK to take more money from people who worked their ass off to make a better life for themselves and their family to give to people who don’t want to work is calling for Socialism. Pure and simple!


Seriously? I was kind of torn because on the one hand it seems he does now want to do the right things, even after having taken that picture. And of course on the other hand he took that picture and didn’t mention it till it came out. But now, if he’s saying it wasn’t him after saying he _was_in that picture, then it’s definitely time for him to go.


Sounds like Northam is not resigning.

So disappointed.


Wow, he just keeps digging.


Um, okay?



I guess now we know which one he was in the picture.


Ya what about the Black ethno state guy? That wasn’t Bill Maher that was the Farrakhan kill all the Jews loving Keith Ellison who is a high ranking democrat and almost was elected chairman of the DNC.

You guys are starting to resemble the Labour Party in Britain electing leaders who are very openly anti-Jewish.





It’s amazing how much better this guy would have looked had he just done the right thing last night. Instead, he insists on dragging it out with more ridiculous, offensive comments that make him look worse by the minute.

Ralph. It’s over. Go away.


Ya Steve King is an abomination, still keep deflecting on why the left is electing multiple Hamas and Farrakhan lovers.


No, you said it. There is no mistaking your own quote.


Denying something that is so clearly undeniable does nothing but bolster the fact that you are so willing to throw any thought of morality out the window whenever it suits you. Re-editing your admission is not helping you.

Neither Feinstein nor Pelosi did anything that needs to be “cleaned up”. Feinstein did nothing improper, nor Pelosi. I’m afraid it is not them under criminal investigation, it is in fact the leader of your own party.


Well that’s obvious. Trump even made fun of you for how little you care: He could shoot someone on 5th ave.


noticed he referred to the guy in black face as the guy on the (right). that is the how the guy in the kkk suit would see it… looking at that picture for the 1st time I would have said on the left side. hmmmm………


Senator Robert Byrd was Senate Majority/Minority Leader and President Pro Tempore based on support of Senate Democrats from the whole country, not just West Virginia.

Northam has the perfect qualifications to continue in Byrd’s footsteps, hood and all. Maybe President Obama will nominate Northam to run for the senate as an “. . .authoritative scholar, respected leader, and unparalleled champion of our Constitution.”


This Robert Byrd? The one that the NAACP memorialized when he died?

“Senator Byrd reflects the transformative power of this nation,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. "Senator Byrd went from being an active member of the KKK to a being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and many other pieces of seminal legislation that advanced the civil rights and liberties of our country.

“Senator Byrd came to consistently support the NAACP civil rights agenda, doing well on the NAACP Annual Civil Rights Report Card. He stood with us on many issues of crucial importance to our members from the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act, the historic health care legislation of 2010 and his support for the Hate Crimes Prevention legislation,” stated Hilary O. Shelton, Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy. “Senator Byrd was a master of the Senate Rules, and helped strategize passage of legislation that helped millions of Americans. He will be sorely missed.”


Fat donald is so predictable and it’s quite funny how this clown didn’t make a post a single tweet whe Steve King made a blatant racist comment.