Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


I agree with this post, regarding the time frame and age and level of schooling of Northam at the time. Not acceptable.


He needs to step down.


Fox News did the same thing when a Republican did something wrong. Labeled someone as a Democrat.

I’m sure you were equally…you weren’t. Silly of me.


I’ll take “How to make a bad situation worse” for $100, Alex.”


He sold cocaine in the 80’s. Which was much more socially acceptable than black face and kkk robes in the 80’s.


It’s amazing that he thought anyone would buy that garbage.


Nose rings being the principles and values the GOP once purported to hold so dear?


Bingo. Everyone is full aware that most Trump supporters are long past being shocked/upset by Donald’s immorality.


At this point he needs to consider what’s best for Virginians and not himself.


This is really simple and I thought it had been previously made clear by societal tone and timbre, but for the oblivious in back:

If you’re photographed being a racist idiot as an adult we don’t want you for public office. If you were an adult photographed doing racist idiotic things you better have a record of atonement and repair otherwise there’s no reason to see you as anything other than how you chose to present yourself.


Pr firms are the new klan hood.


Apparently in private Northam is now pushing for facial recognition to be used in order to prove it’s not him.

Unclear at this point how he expects said software to see through a KKK hood.


As Heath Ledger as the Joker said “A-ha-ha-he-he-hew- hew”.

Your No. 2 wanted a black ethno state. The leading liberal political comedian last night whipped this one out.


Well that certainly seals it for me. No way will I vote for Maher if he ever decides to run for office.


No way Jose’!


Lie and cheat on his wife and fraud the American public out of taxes his whole life? And quite maybe he a traitor?

Okie dokie


Background checks look for criminal activity, not stuff like this.

This is dirt digging…and after 34 years, it’s time to pull your nose out of the air, stop thumping your chest, quit pretending you’re holier than everybody else (because we all know that is bs anyhow), and realize you did similar stupid pet tricks in your past too, and forgive the man already.

He’s not perfect, and neither are you.


So he is saying he WASN’T in that racist photo? Which racist photo was he remembering he was in if not that one? Have there been so many he gets them confused?


I never voted for Trump. And during the midterms, I only put money into one congressman, John Katko (my local guy who loves Trump as much as I do).

So take that accusation and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now that we have that straightened out, my point is why are we digging up long lost skeletons in the closet for? Are you now going to require all your politicians to have godlike perfection their entire lives as a qualification for political office?

The DNC Presidential Primary next year should be fun theatre to watch if that is what you want. I’m thinking the only thing that survives that inquisition will be an amoeba too stupid to be President, and Trump walks away with a second term in a landslide.


Nothing to see here.