Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


Um you do know that the current president spent years trying to prove Obama was born in Kenya and republicans spent enormous amounts of time going down the Birther rabbit hole…after Obama was elected.


No she doesn’t, as she is the Number One reason I left the party and won’t even consider a return until she and Feinstein are both gone, never to be replaced by anything like them. I loathe them both, and I don’t loathe many people.


Do you believe in something called ‘Statue of Limitations’?

Do you believe people should be forgiven of stuff that happened that doesn’t even rise to a crime a very, very long time ago? Like decades?


What a tremendous shot!


I must of missed where the Governor is being charged with a crime


That’s a criminal term. But seriously- sadly I don’t think you can answer the question but I’ll try one more time…

Do you think we should check out the backgrounds of politicians?


I think at this point we don’t really want a lot of Trump voters back. We did fine in the House elections. You can stay in the Trump Old Party.




Nobody is calling for Northam to be imprisoned.

They are just saying the revelations, and the fact he was not open and honest about his past behavior when he made the decision to enter politics, now disqualify him from the privilege of governing 8.5 million people.


It’s not a socialist movement, and we are not moving to the extreme left. Which Democrats are proposing Socialism? I mean real Socialism, not things like Healthcare for all or whatever. Name a mainstream Democrat who is advocating for the seizure of the means of production.


What did Pelosi do that was so loathsome?


It sort of boggles the mind that Nancy Pelosi could be considered so loathsome as to leave a political party, but Donald Trump is seen as the perfect example of how a politician should act.

Yeah, honesty not sure if I even want a voter like that in the Democratic party. We clearly don’t agree on anything and have very different core values. What is the point?


No really, she does. There is no reason to change the party to appeal to folks who prefer a known vulgarian porn star adulterer. A sick little man who would go on Howard Stern’s radio show to laugh about Melania’s poop and fart habits. Vote Republican!


That’s why I laugh when I hear Democrats need to reach out to Trump voters. Just no. I don’t want them anywhere near my party.


Northam is now claiming it’s not him in the photo after already apologizing for it.

He continues to be super sketchy and it just comes off as a desperate attempt to save his political career. It’s time for him to have a little dignity and go away quietly.


That picture is legit. Not trying to hikack the thread, but good eye.


i love how leftist CNN tells everone he’s a republican

thats something i would have expected the psychos over at msnbc to do

i hope the millennial lefty in the control room who pulled that stunt gets fired hard. life’s first lesson for him/her


It’s like he’s trying to throw ■■■■ against the wall to see what sticks. I agree it’s super sketchy.


I agree that the “stupid in college” defense doesn’t hold water. This was apparently a year book from his medical school, not from his high school, not from college. A medical school graduate is, at the youngest, mid-to late 20s. And this was the mid-1980s. I can’t put this in any context where a sober medical school graduate in the 1980s would think this was appropriate conduct.

For a lot of people who are over 45-50, whose younger years predated the internet and social media, there isn’t a lot of awareness of how far the past can be dredged up.


LOL, on second thought, I wasn’t racist. At first I wasn’t sure if I was the guy in black face or the klan getup, but now I realize, that actually I was hanging out with my cousin when that photo happened. So, uh, I don’t have resign now right?