Ok, NOW it’s time for Northam to step down


I’ll just say that I’m soooooooo glad camera’s back then were far and few between.


What an idiotic thing to say. Here is what it is. People saw what Democrats did to Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We saw in order to find anything, they had to go back to when he was in high school and pull something out of a hat. It is that behavior we do not excuse, and some of us will make our voices heard in hopes things like this will never happen again.

No one is shocked by President Trump’s sexual history. I understand you want us to be shocked and upset, but.we.don’t.care. That’s the only way to deal with Democratic opposition. We are saying, Anyone but you, and we do mean anyone. Focus on your party, clean it up, let it make sense again, and maybe some of us who left to become Republicans will consider returning.


Such a good point. We deserve better than this. All too often nowadays people get passes regarding behavior from their past because they hold some powerful position currently.

Eff em. If we truly want to be the best country, we can’t pick ■■■■■■■■ to run it.





Grin. I was one of those few and far between people who was always holding a 35 mm camera. The funny thing about that is I preferred shooting landscapes and animals, doing all I could not to capture a person in my photo. Actually, I still prefer scenery and animals to people.


It ain’t about “sexual history”. It’s about the President banging porn stars while his wife was pregnant, lying about it constantly and then paying them off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of hush money right before the election via his lawyer and a shell company. We get it- you guys don’t care about immoral and corrupt behavior any more. Fine- have at it.


That’s what Democrats are demanding? Asking him to resign, how is that not trying to clean up the party?

You guys will never come back with this attitude. If you guys are wiling to vote for a con-man, why should we try and make our party more palatable to you?

The times are changing, and we should at least try and hold our politicians to higher standards.


I shoot anything an everything. I’ve gone and took over 200 pictures at a tatto convention, to just landscape pictures, to fire firighters working a fire (Had to tell the fire chief that I was close enough thank you I don’t need to get any closer on that one . . . he wanted me right up there with some of his guys!).


As I said, we removed those nose rings for you to tug at. We’re having a lot of fun watching heads explode over this.

The other part of it: We were tired of Republican politicians promising and then once elected being too cowardly to deliver. As far as delivering on promises and tackling issues, President Trump is Republican Voter Exhibit #1 of what we want our elected Republicans to do today. I am betting President Trump has given many Republican politicians a shot of both courage and audacity in tackling issues. He is making a difference, and I am hoping Washington D.C. will never be quite the same for it.

Go, Schultz, right? :grinning:


That sounds like a fun shoot. If I remember correctly, you used to do some drone shooting for the higher altitudes as well?


If you enjoy watching people’s heads explode supporting people like Steve King and Roy Moore then go for it. We all get a vote.


No, but I’m sure his employer doesn’t tolerate ‘racism’ of any kind. Right?

Shouldn’t his employer have the same standard of perfection we are demanding of this Virginia Governor?


If that’s your game plan, that socialist movement to the extreme list is accomplishing exactly that–not making the Party any more palatable.


Repeatedly lie to Republican voters about what he will do while in office, constantly attempt to obstruct justice, and create fake crises for his own political benefit?

I guess we look for different things in leaders.


I’m self employed so you can talk to my boss anytime. But really simple question and hope you answer…

Do you really not believe in checking out the background of politicians?


Democrats are not “wanting” conservatives to be shocked and upset. We’re commenting on the enormous double standard


House Speaker Pelosi hearts this post.


After the fact? How many people do you hire and then after they have been working a year or so, decide to do the background check? Also, when they are in their fifties, how many times have you bothered to check their high school and college yearbooks?


Still do, but that’s just for recreation. I’d love to get my part 107 certification . . . but around these parts I couldn’t make enough money to justify all the costs associated with it.

There was a time – to get a picture like this, I would have had to drop 10’s of thousands of dollars to get a picture like this by hiring a helicopter or airplane.


That’s up to his employer. The Governor’s employer are the people he represents