Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Well that is all just completely untrue. Fascinating.


This is true. But I doubt Mr. Trump understand this. And he no longer has anyone around him willing to tell him these harsh realities.


Even if he were provided with all of the money needed to build his grand wall ($25-$45 Billion) it still would not be close to completed, with the vast majority of it not even started, by the time the 2020 elections rolled around. The eminent domain cases alone will hold this stupid thing up in court for quite some time.


Government expenditures are 20% of GDP, not 40%.


Probably. My “true” comment was in regards to a prolonged shutdown will have devastating economic effects.


at least he admitted Libya was his biggest mistake. He killed 10’s of thousands of people for no reason. I guess because Hillary and McCain told him too.


Nope. I never got a straight answer.

I would have voted for either Ben Carson, or Ted Cruz, if Trump didn’t run, but
since he did, I voted for him. I knew he would bring different politics in a corrupt
politicians world, that has been around for so long. He would stir things
up on both sides of the spectrum, and that’s what Democrats I don’t think understand.

He’s exposed so much truth not only on the Democrat side, but also on the Republican
side. And that is why Democrat Politicians despise and hate him, and some of the Republican Politicians Oppose him. At least the ones in the middle, that aren’t true Conservatives.


I think that you’re missing the point.

If he doesn’t start at least building the wall extremely soon(and start getting
the money to do so), the chances
of him getting re-elected in 2020 go way down!


The wall will never happen.


So it’s all about political power and elections? Sounds about right. Lol


I guess we shall see what happens tonight.

Personally, I hope that he declares a State Of Emergency, under his
Executive Power. America needs the Wall, in order to stop so many drugs,
sex trafficking, illegals, and to help slow the process of Socialism in America.


Walls for socialism? Brilliant!


What could possibly go wrong with a POTUS declaring a National Emergency when one doesn’t exist to unleash untold Executive power and unchecked authority?

The next Democratic POTUS will love that they now have precedence to declare a National Emergency and have the Federal Government seize all means of energy production in the name of Climate Change.

I swear, you people and your short-sight baffles me.


I’m not you people. I’m the things down below.
Deplorables, Walmart smelly people. That’s me! :grin::grin::yum:

People that support Trump need their own meme. lol.

How many times did Obama pull an Executive Orders?
There was the gay marriage thing, where it was suppose to be up to the states,
but then Obama and the Democrats took it and made it a national matter.


George W. Bush hands down is the worst contemporary President by a depressing long shot.


I voted for Obama 2008. Took 1 term for me to figure out my error. He had the opportunity to put the bankers in their place yet gave them everything they wanted. Huge mass surveillance legacy, no transparency as promised, actually got worse. People have short term memory. He will go down in history as one of the flops. When the younger generation that were too young to participate in the blind Obama love affair, begin to honestly critique his term, the facts will be undeniable. They won’t give him a pass because of race.


I don’t see how Trump doesn’t sink to the bottom. Corruption, first of all. His tariffs are another. The wall fable is another. Thank God we’re almost halfway through this crap.


Trump will have to do a lot to beat the debacle of the Iraq War and the Great Recession.


Gay marriage became a national issue when one’s marital status made a difference in regards to federal benefits and taxes.


Look them up! Look them up! Look them up!