Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Those Country’s aren’t America. I’m talking about America.


Iraq War 2003.
In fact, our host used to repeated claim that we (America) invading was justified to save Iraqis from the rape rooms and torture and the gassing from the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein.


Burrack Insane Obama’s Apology Tour.

January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017.


I think Barry will be regarded as one of the worst presidents ever. The reasons as you have stated, will put him there. Given he had 8 years to help the middle class out and it was one of the slowest recovery from a recession.
He was pretty stinking lousy.


How has a thread that should have ended with such a clear-cut “No” gone on for 360+ posts?


Some peoples hate just burns them up from the inside-out. They were so sure Obama was going to be a failure, that when he succeeded, they burned all the more, and so much longer.


If you think Trump is like Jesus, say no more.


Got generalization?


The best part of Barry was how he stuttered all the time. It was like watching a south park episode when he spoke.


So you like to laugh at people with speech impediments?

Do you also laugh at people in wheelchairs?


Obama is a Traitor and this will be proven in the not to distant future. He encouraged racial division, was dismantling our Military, weaponized Agencies, deliberately ran up the National Debt and totally tried to demoralize and destroy America. And he wasn’t doing it alone. So the short answer is, Yes, I believe that Obama is the worst President ever!


Not generally speaking. But with Barry, he kind of brought it on himself with his attacks on the working class


Well said.


Traitor with a capital “T”, huh? :rofl:


Was I too firm :roll_eyes:


^^^ I rest my case. :joy: :joy: :rofl:


Any day now, right? :rofl:



Well, considering that Hillary is a sell out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her and Obama
worked with Russia, and after she lossed they were frantic, so they projective Collusion upon Trump with Russia.

Obama emailed Hillary on her private servers. The ones that she wasn’t legally suppose to have? He stacked the FBI with people, so when Hillary did get caught, they already knew she and him wouldn’t get into any trouble for both being “Traitors”!


It doesn’t surprise anyone that you wouldn’t.


It has to be Reagan or Clinton.