Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Taking decisions away that the “States” should be making themselves isn’t


And to think there are several million people in this country who think like these 2 and think that 45 actually care about them. There is no evidence in his administration that displays he actually cares about people. You guys need to stop. This is bad schtick.
I really wish folks can get past their partisan BS and actually realized this guy is a threat to all of US


There are several lists of things that President Trump has done as
selfless acts of kindness for others.

How about when he served that winning championship team
all that food at the White House?

Was that all about him, and him being threatening to America also?


I had to double check the username to be sure you were serious. You thought that was a grand gesture? From a guy who (if his tireless boasting is to be believed) could have easily afforded to cater in Ruth’s Chris? That was one of the lower rent moves in a low rent public life.

Shamrock shake wishes and filet-o-fish dreams!


Democrats don’t seem to want to give President Trump credit for anything
good he does.

If he does something good, they make it seem like it’s never good enough.
I guess since they despise and hate him though, that’s why they do it.


Did he say anything about the team?

I only heard him talk about what a great guy he was for feeding them what he eats – a thousand cheap hamburders.

All you need to know about his selfless acts of kindness is “Trump Foundation”, or should I say former Trump foundation.


So are you giving him credit for giving them McDonalds?


You have to have faith. Donald so loved the world that he sacrificed a begotten son - don jr - stay tuned for the final revelations on that.


I don’t find it amusing that you have to mock peoples religion,
simply to poke fun at our President.


You joking, right?

Okay everyone I’m convinced carpe_diem is officially doing a wacky bit.


I like what he has done with Venezuela so far.


I gave him all the credit he so richly deserves in my last post.

It’s a simple equation: if he wants to quiet haters, stop doing hateable stuff.


Humor has always been subjective. Besides, I have standing. I’m Catholic.


Why do Democrats say that they respect others, and yet
they Mock God, and peoples beliefs?


I don’t know. I’m not a Democrat. I’m a Christian and have no problem with other people beliefs be it Muslim, Judaism or no belief. At the end of the day I have no heaven or hell to put them in. The best I can do as a Christian is let them know about the love of Yeshua as my Lord and Savior and keep it moving. However, they are still my brother and sister. My own older blood brother is a muslim, but there is a certain party that see him and his faith as evil. This dude is better than a lot of Christians as it relates goodwill to their fellow man.

Not only is he Muslim, he’s Jamaican too and a certain party want to build walls and make access to citizenship harder for those from so called ■■■■ hole countries.


Venezuela is a Socialist Country.

It’s what will happen to America if the Democrat Agenda is accepted in
America, and Voters keep putting in Democrats into office.


LoL. Clearly talk radio has claimed another victim.


Same as happened to Germany, Norway, Sweden except well it hasn’t




A Certain Party things that we should take care of the rest of the world,
and that the world’s problems are all America’s problems as well.

I guess my question to a Certain Party, that is the opposite of the Republican one,
would be this? With so much poverty, and having so many problems
within America, why wouldn’t you people be more worried about provided, and
protecting your own country first over others?