Obama. The Worst President in American History?


:rofl: :rofl: It was your guys that did the Oklahoma City bombing. :joy: :rofl:


Which Party has Devil Worshipers?

Who has Sanctuary cities protecting rapists, drug dealers, and murderers?
and Terrorists?

Which Political Party wants open borders for people to come and go as they please?

Which Party doesn’t care about the public safety of the American People?


-:rofl: Devil Worship is as silly as any deity worship.

-Sanctuary cities are about prosecuting rapists, drug dealers, and murderers, and Terrorists? As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Open borders It’s not Dem Party policy, so it must be the R’s

  • Party doesn’t care about the public safety of the American People That’s the Republicans under Trump since they’ve closed-down the govt, and the Coast Guard and TSA is short handed putting us at risk.

That’s really the looser side.




Yes. The clintons actually care about helping people. They are public servants. Trump is a troll who cares only about himself.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to trump supporters who don’t agree with Democratic politicians.


“We’re going to Win Win Win!”





I’m not tired of Winning yet, but I do enjoy how Trump
constantly baffles the Liberal Media,
and the Liberal Politicians.


Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

Are you sure they’re thoughts and prayers though?
and not spells, and witchcraft or hexes?


Momma Robinson, Barry’s mother-in-law, is chanting her
mumbo-jumbo Santeria African spirit cult spells over a bag of Cheetos and a Trump image.


Everyone has the right to their religion and beliefs spiritually,
I just thought that it was ironic that I was getting thoughts in prayers
from a Socialist Liberal Democrat. lol.


It’s the thoughts I would be worried about.


These are ravings.


True. lol.


Owe really? So before Trump got into office there wasn’t any corruption in Washington D.C.?

So you think that most politicians on both sides of the spectrum would keep their
promises, and what they ran upon in their campaigns?


My, how your mind flits about. :wink:

How did you come to that conclusion based on my telling you it was raving to say that Donald actually cares about anyone apart from himself.


So he doesn’t care about his children?

You said he didn’t care about anyone but himself.
He’s done several acts of selflessness things, but I’m sure you wouldn’t hear
such things like that in the Mainstream Liberal Biased Fake News.

On Reddit, it will show you Liberal owned websites that also talk about some of Trump good deeds also.


Are you honestly that brainwashed by Liberals to think that
he only cares about himself?


Dems do more than repubs.