Obama. The Worst President in American History?


I don’t agree with cheating, but overall, from what I’ve heard, and can see from
his body language, he seems like a descent guy overall.

Especially if you compare him to the Clintons. He looks like a saint.

Bill was like a revolving door down there, and Hillary new it, and when he
finally was caught and exposed she went after and bashed the women
that Bill even payed off.

She betrayed our country Benghazi. and Obama new about her emails,
he’s corrupt also.

Bill went to fantasy island and raped an underage girl.

I mean I could go on and on if you’d like?
Trump is making politics a lot more honest overall. I doubt that hardly anyone
else would be willing to do that, or could do that in Washington.


Sargon’s political compass in reality is whatever angers the multural carxists or “sjws”. He is a reactionary in the most literal sense of the word. Allying himself with bolsonaro fanboys is his recent shtick.


I’m more concerned with the Patreon thing than any single content producer.


So who do you think is the worst President and why?


Yes, you could go “on and on” , but I doubt much would survive a simple fact check.


and a country divided like never before in recent times


So, you think that the Clintons are better people overall Morally than Trump?


Of course. That’s what the Democrat Party does. They try to act like under their
control of the Presidence and in the House and Senate, that there is so much love
and togetherness.

As soon as their opponents get the majority then they push their Socialist agenda,
and try to make as much Anarchy and issues amongst people in America with Sexism,
and Racism.


Behold today’s conservative.


Without a doubt.


Well poor Hillary hasn’t had sex in 30 years so no scandal there.


Yes, and the Democrats went to Puerto Rico for work.


Are you messing with me?




Right. It’s not even close and I can’t stand the Clinton’s. So that says a lot.
Trump and Morals does not equate


So why do you think that Trump’s Morals are worse than the Clinton’s?


Jimmy Carter remains atop that list, however Barack-O is a close 2nd and both are dummiecrats, imagine that…


If you have to ask that question, then either you’re blind or not paying attention. The bad thing about I think the Clinton’s are terrible people.

Give me an example that makes trump a moral person?


Haha this is the dumbest ■■■■ I’ve seen on here in a while. And that is really saying something!


Compared to most Presidents before him, he actually cares about
the people who voted for them, and what they want.

He keeps his promises a lot more than almost every President before him.

Unlike the Democrat Politicians who have Sanctuary Cities despite, even
their own voters don’t agree with most of the time.