Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Trump: Bedt President in Russian History?


Sorry not murder.


Obama is the antithesis of anything even remotely identifiable as American.
Your the one who looks silly.


So who fits your definition? Alex Jones?


Obama isn’t even president anymore and he’s still a better president than the nut job currently in the White House.


Im not the one still perpetuating the idea that the ENTIRETY of the government (including the sane and rational people on your side of the aisle) was in on some sort of con game to the American people.

In order for you to be correct, Republicans, Democrats, the Supreme Court and the Federal Election Commission at a minimum would have had to have been complicit in allowing a non citizen to run for the highest office in the land. And somehow THAT makes sense to you.

Maybe silly wasnt the right word for what you appear to be…completely detatched from reality seems more applicable.


I’m quite intrigued. Please explain how President Obama is not an American.


Can’t be American If you are from Mars. Duuuh


Like you would except any facts!


As soon as I heard Obama was a part of Rev. Wrights church of hate, I knew America was in trouble and I was right. The “hands up don’t shoot” lie pushed by haters helped divide this country.


Slavery, to pay for their taxation, does that work?


I’ll accept any actual facts you give me.


Where is that happening?


Not too difficult.
First he’s self proclaimed African American: that’s African first and American maybe later when it’s convenient.
Then he’s a socialist or Marxist or Leninist - none of these have anything to do with America.
He hates America and this was revealed when he stated he fundamentally would change it.
if he loved America he would say it like our current and many other presidents of the past have.
He’s an isis sympathizer.
He opened our borders to invasion.
He politicized many government agencies including the fbi and irs - why do you think his citizen paperwork was in order.
You love him so just get on with your love affair
I can’t forgive him.
And he’s not American, more like a third world dictater type.
Not much more I can say about him, that is if he really is a he-sometimes I wonder.


Obamacare for starters, with that open border mentality, Obama has Americans paying for those illegal aliens healthcare.


Even from the Department of Homeland Security?


Nailed it…


So Irish Americans, German Americans, Greek Americans, Japanese Americans - none of these folks are Americans? No people descended from immigrants are Americans? I think you just voiced support for Elizabeth Warren as the next president.


Ah nope wrong.


Rachel Dolezal always thought she was black. In the Democrats eyes, she was allowed
to legally checkmark the box ethnicity wise as being black. She was President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Of course she was fired, when they found out she wasn’t really black.