Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Come on…this ■■■■■■■■ again?

I guess some people simply will never learn.

Even Donald Trump stopped claiming he wasn’t an American. Time to give that ■■■■ up.

You look silly.


When you have to lead with beastiality, it shows how bad the point you are trying to make is.

As soon as a dog, goat or any other animal can legally enter into an agreement, you will have a point. As that isn’t the case, you are simply bringing to light that you haven’t got a leg to stand on.


It was kinda funny how even as President it did take Obama two weeks just to make, I mean retrieve and get his American Birth certificate.

As President, with so many people, and materials, money, power, and everything at his exposal 24 hours a day, Why do you think that it would take 2 weeks to make, I mean find his Birth certificate?


Well, if you’d like, I could always make another thread about the Porn actress from Waters world that found God, and is now telling the Gospel to others instead?

I would love to relate how corrupt California is, and how they’re the porn capital of the United States, and how Cali is ran like a Socialist State, and Democrats run most of it easily.

If you watch the Watters episode you’ll see how she was taken advantage of in so many ways. One of which is the people in Porn getting her addicted to drugs. I dunno, let’s ask Stormy Daniels how she feels about getting props from the LGBT community and was it a key to the city or something? It’s all very easily Liberal Democrat related. Do you think I should make that Thread also? I was thinking about it, but I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do.


The takeaway from California you should focus on, unlike your rambling gibberish, is that a Democratic governor, with a Democratic Party-controlled state legislature, turned around the finances of California from debt and dysfunction to surplus, a rainy-day fund of $14 billion dollars, and record employment. Of course, success has its downsides, such as record high housing costs, homelessness, poverty.

But that’s capitalism in action. It remains to be seen whether the new Democratic governor and legislature can improve those situations.

The real takeaway is: compare recent Republican Kansas government actions and results, with California’s Democratic actions and results.


I prefer Trumps success over California’s so called success. There’s a lot less people on food stamps, and on welfare, therefore a lot more people are in the middle Class Under Trump.

But wait, I’m confused? Why are so many people in poverty and homeless pooping in the streets, if California is so great? I thought socialism was all about helping everyone?
I guess they don’t truthfully help everyone?

You lost me at poverty, and homelessness, and some how you’re saying that California is successful? If California has a lot more of those things, then how are they doing better then the rest of the United States? It doesn’t make any logical sense?


Are you under the impression that animals can enter into legal contracts? Weird.


Yeah that ■■■■ always cracked me up. Does the animal put their paw or hoof print on the contract? Stupid argument.


Our country could use Obama back in office. Trump is just a bottle of crazy. Mixed in with tax evasion and money laundering with our enemies.


What each individual state wants to do on Gay Marriage, I believe should have been up to them, and not taken away from them, by the Socialist Agenda of Obama and the Democrat Party.

I just figured I’d tell people what the possibilities are in the future. Years ago it was legalizing Abortion, now it’s Gay Marriage, and in the future it may be legal marriage with an animal.

People didn’t use to think that Abortion or Gay Marriage use to be possible, but the Democrats have overthrown the Constitution of the United States, and the States within America themselves, and Made several things like such mentioned Federal matters.

Now Democrats are trying to force Sanctuary Cities and Illegal Immigrants on people. Republicans have caved in the past for most things, but if they don’t support Trump and back him completely on the wall, then I’ve lost all faith with them!


Sucks for you that there are federal benefits bestowed upon those who enter into the legal agreement known as marriage, doesn’t it?

That means that there can’t be parts of the country where those benefits are not afforded to anyone who wishes to enter into that legal agreement. Its really that simple.

And seriously…whats with you and the many times shredded strawman of animal marriage. They can’t enter into legal agreements, thus animals and people will never be able to marry. Give it up.


[quote=“carpe_diem, post:246, topic:101343, full:true”]
Years ago it was legalizing Abortion, now it’s Gay Marriage, and in the future it may be legal marriage with an animal. [/quote]
Have animals ever been able to sign contracts in your world?

Are you under the impression that abortion is only a recent phenomenon?


Tell that to any animal owner in the world that wants to marry their animals and get government benefits from it!? lol.

I dunno, with the Democrats wanting Socialism, I’m sure that they’re willing to go pretty far
to get it.


They can want all they want to…animals can’t sign contracts. Until such point, you are simply talking about things you apparently know nothing of.


The concept behind Abortion is general is sick, and Immoral, and not logical in general.

It’s murder. The Democrats say certain things like refugees and other situations are all about the children. But then they support Abortion, then they go on vacation while the caravan of women and children amongst the refugees are going to get raped statistically and mathematically a certain percentage of them.

But that’s ok. you let Nancy, Chucky and the rest of the Democratic Politicians take their tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vacations each, while their voters suffer and live in poverty under food stamps and welfare. It’s a lot better than what they call crums(aka the tax returns under Trump).


Same argument for trans-species and whatever this “-kin” thing is on the privilege scale. It’s all BS. You’re human. You may want to be a cat. I want to be a lion. But I have 23 pairs of chromosomes, which makes me human.

There are people who want to marry animals out there. Never underestimate stupidity in numbers…it just may very well be a law some day.


Boy you can say that again…

As to the thread, no, we could use someone sane like Obama back in office.


I strongly disagree with you on that one.




The fact the democrats failed to get a half decent candidate is not a reason to start down the president for life road.