Obama. The Worst President in American History?


you forgot a second Term.

What would you do if you were part of a corrupt system(most politicians on both sides), and someone came along and messed with that system? Like Donald Trump is.

There within lies your answer.


Trump is like worse on a personal level, but his incompetence has arguably limited the damage he’s able to accomplish and a lot of the things he is able to exacerbate were actions initially undertaken by more capable Presidents. This is not to say that Trump might get his act together and take the top bottom spot.

The policies of George W Bush set the stage for endless wars, ripping up and destabilizing the Middle East with the associated body counts and rise of various terror outfits along with all US blood and treasure spent, there’s the whole financial crisis and all the fallout that gave rise to a great part of the populism today, he squandered valuable time to address climate change when there was actually a possibly of dealing meaningfully with it. Think of the economic impacts, death and destruction that results from that oversight. It’s just a heap of bad policy with super bad and super expensive effects that have brought us to where we are.


I have to give Obama props. The FBI never thought he was a Russian agent. Cue comments on the FBI being corrupt.


Hes not an American and should not be part of American history except within the context of how America must struggle to remain free and keep a totalitarian government from coming to power.


I wouldn’t call any of the changes Trump has made were for the better.

And the predictions for a second term will come true like the ones for the Red Wave did in November.


I keep saying that. Republicans should be mad at Donald Trump for being bad at his job.


And this is not an impeachable offence, which seems to be the reason a lot of dems give for impeachment.

But as soon as we get Mueller’s report, then…


Trump has probably got more Native American blood in him than Pocahontas.

Just like the chances of Trump colluding with Russia compared to Insane Obama colluding with Russia are a lot worse!

Bill can rape an underage girl at fantasy island, Hillary can betray her country with Benghazi, and Obama helped possibly the most by putting his own people in the FBI. From a strategic perspective it’s quite perfect for the Democrats Socialist agenda, and creating fear and Anarchy within peoples minds.


I’m sorry. I’m going by Moderate and Conservative statistics.

Not the same statistics that have been wrong time and time and time again.
Example; The same statistics that said Trump had no change in the Primary of
the Republican Party Race.


It would have become a national issue regardless of that.


I guess making a system more corrupt is messing with it.


Haven’t seen your name in a while.


And you have come back almondy.


Really? How so? I thought that in the Constitution it says something about leaving
certain decisions up to the states?

No worries, obama just pulled an Executive order, and overthrew the states and the

I think that people fail to remember that. How many time obama and the Democrats
went around the Constitution.


Think about this…

Republican media convinced tons of people that Obama wasn’t an American and Donald Trump is clean.

That’s a masterful con job.


Hey Hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today?


There’s that.


The Equal Protection Clause. I was saying there is more to marriage, legally, than tax benefits.


And that Hillary Clinton was a crook.


What about equality for animal marriage to humans?

The old cat lady would be really happy tax break wise, especially if
the Democrats let benefits go to more to just than one person or thing.