New Gillette ad trigger the fragile egos of men on twitter


This is the first time I’ve heard the term “manspreading.” Thanks for that, lol.


How prophetic considering the Covington Catholic school thugs.


In other words…saying that bullying and misogyny is bad…is bad.


I had to look it up as well.


Nothing wrong with that commercial what so ever. Sometimes the truth hurts. To me Democrats are more prone to be outraged over every little thing. Maybe this is the right’s attempt at, two can play at this game. It’s one or the other, maybe both.


If a T V commercial has to teach someone to be a good human, it’s probably too late.


Nah man… the Right is triggered by stuff like this really easily.

Remember when they were destroying their Keurigs?

What was that about?


“Men” on Twitter. lol


This commercial is proof that I have no idea what people will want to talk about on the Internet.


Isn’t that what you lot said after the Kaepernick Nike ads?


I don’t remember that. I love those things.



It didn’t bother me personally about the Nike advertisement. The only thing that I thought was a little odd was usually Nike affiliates with the best of the best in sports like Michael Jordan and Serena Williams. It just didn’t seem like he was in that elite athletic club like them. That being said Nike can do what they want, it didn’t bother me.


Ok I see. They made a business decision and people want to punish them for it. Me personally, and even though I am a Hannity fan, I wouldn’t blame the coffee maker for that decision. I’m not a fanatic and you have to understand why businesses make the decisions they make. They try to stay away from controversy and take the path of least resistance. It’s not personal.