New Gillette ad trigger the fragile egos of men on twitter


Here is “healthy masculinity” to the left:



Pretty much or the transgender MMA man fracturing a woman’s skull beating half to death.


If you’re upset about dudes breaking up fights and telling their buddies not to harass women, then yes, there’s something wrong with you.

Why are you upset about this ad? I look at it and say, yeah, no ■■■■■ Gillette. Way to leap into the 2000’s… maybe you want dudes to slap your daughter or wife on the ass? Maybe you want your ass kicked by a big guy while you get laughed at?

People like you long for some mythical good old days.


Would anyone have a problem with Lady Schick making a commercial on toxic feminism, telling women to stop making false rape or harassment accusations? How about a commercial imploring women to stop lying to police about domestic violence as justification for divorce and alienating father’s rights with his kids? Would that be ok?


I’m not sure what you mean the good O days but regardless the majority of people instead of leftists thinks it’s stupid, and are downvoting the hell out of it.


I hope I don’t lose sleep over this.


I’m fairly certain that there are 325 million people in the US and that there are 7.5 billion people in the world.

And I’m not sure, but I think that 1.2 million is about .36% of the US population and .016% of the world population.

So that’s not the majority of people.

But congrats - you’ve proven the point of the thread, which is that there’s a sizable population of people who have a problem with treating women with respect and not bullying littler kids.


Gillette has 130,000+ subscribers on YouTube? I can’t imagine them producing enough compelling content to attract that many subs. I mean it’s probably all commercials, right. Who signs up to watch commercials?

And the cynic in me thinks Gillette couldn’t care less one way or the other about the topic. Create a commercial that stirs controversy and you’re golden. Nothing like everyone talking about you for no reason whatsoever.


1 of every 3,000 Americans doesn’t seem too out of the realm for a brand leader.

The only reason this very meh campaign is controversial is because there is a small percentage of people who are down with bullying weaker people and bothering women.


I’m not sure what your first sentence is referring to. Their YouTube following, I guess? I’m not ragging on them, I was just surprised. While I might watch YouTube videos from Fender or Harley Davidson for example, about product development or assembly, I can’t say the same for Gillette. Just can’t get that jazzed about shaving gel and razors.

Regarding your second paragraph, sure, but it’s controversial nonetheless, and they perhaps knew it would be. I could be wrong, though. They could be trying to right the world.


I think trying to take the pulse of America from YouTube is a fail.
It’s a notorious haven for ■■■■■■■■ and generally retarded racist misogynist douchebags.


No one says boys will be boys anymore! The push to remove any masculinity from boys as young as possible has been on for decades! Every assertion anymore is maleness is bad, evil, hurtful. White males are simply cruel, Neanderthal hump machines with no control nor self awareness. Yes crime statistics do not bare that out. Someone just wrote “ not even a hundred years ago I could grab a woman’s butt at work just because I wanted”… NOT EVEN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO??? Like that was last week? It has been beaten into every man to sit with his legs closed, never tell a woman she is beautiful, wait to be asked on a date, etc the bleach bitting of manliness has been bullhorned to every boy/man! No concern boys are growing up with a guilt they did nothing to deserve? And don’t conflate truly poor behaviour with legs open sitting or rough housing! We all agree abhorrent behaviour should be checked!! We get it !!


Well I see my post was pulled.hmm. Now was it for encouraging Men to stay clear of those overpriced Gillette razors and Procter and gamble in general for sticking their big mouth where it doesn’t belong, or was because I encourage men to be true to yourselves and let the libbers and pantywastes go pound sand.


Yes, people do say “Boys will be boys.”


Well, just as an example: Apparently there are some white men who think that dead babies being left on warehouse floors is on scale a comparable problem with male over aggression in our society.

So I can’t speak for all men but that right there should tell you that some men at least are pretty darn brainless.


I just watched the ad.

Holy crap.

A message against bullying and tolerating bullying, against sexual harassment and tolerating sexual harassment.

And it’s got conservative men all wee-wee’ed up like you wouldn’t believe.

The only reason to be pissed off about this ad is fear. Fear that you’re gonna lose the ability to treat people the way your fathers and grandfathers did and get away with it.

Bunch of ■■■■■■■ reacting this way to that ad.


Nailed it. They’re afraid that actions now have actual consequences.


This is the first time I have ever seen a defense of manspreading.

Good job.


Yeah. I finally watched the ad yesterday and my response is that any man who is upset by it is such a ■■■■■■


Oh, it’s very very real…should have been around the Pentagon after the Tailhook scandal…lots of arm crossing and pouting going on there.