New Gillette ad trigger the fragile egos of men on twitter


What’s interesting is there’s been ads for decades telling women to improve themselves, but in their case it’s always about the flaws in their appearance, not their character.


Why is it any ads should have a social message?

That’s what I like about ads on Spanish and Portuguese radio—they’re straight forward, no gimmicks or slogans.

It’s generally a male announcer letting listeners know what products or services are available, from Latin American grocers to legal services where Spanish or Portuguese is spoken; what hours those merchants & practitioners are open; and what phone number & addresses to contact them.


Why shouldn’t they?


The fact so many people are upset about an add that does the following.

Do not bully other children
Do not let sit by and watch people bully children
Do not let your child bully another child
Do not following and catcall a woman on the street
Do not touch a woman at work without her permission

Is proof that such an ad and more like it need to exist.


a lot of what shape our “Social Normal” is based on what we see around us in the media.

not even a hundred years ago it would be okay for me to grab a woman ass at work for no reason other then I felt like it. why? because the media and culture has conditioned that as normal behavior.

now this ad is not saying every person with a penis is a monster, its saying we have as a culture conditioned ourselves to accept bullying, sexual harassment as normal behavior even though majority of woman don’t like it.

and we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and treat others like we would want to be treated with kindness and respect.


Because that’s the zeitgeist, and following the zeitgeist is what makes the manufacturers money. When enough people stop caring about that form of messaging, advertisers will shift with their tastes.


My only problem is that its extremely condescending.

I just saw a news story yesterday about a dead baby left on the floor of an Amazon warehouse bathroom.

Should Gilette start an ad telling women to be the best they can be by not leaving babies on the floor of restrooms? Or would that be condescending to the vast majority of women who realize this is bad?

But its always okay in SJW society to assume all men, especially white man, are brainless neanderathals who like to abuse women, etc.


Gillette, the best a MA’AM can get.


Why is it parents—not government, not advertising—aren’t expected to teach their children to treat others as they wish to be treated?

How about members of the clergy if families practice a faith?

That’s pretty bad when teaching & discipline are left to everyone but families & those closest to them.



Nobody is asserting that.


No one is suggesting those thing are not important they are more important then anything else children often mimic their parent relationship themselves (abuse behavior is a learned trait) Religion in general is one of the greatest tool to help negate 'Toxic" masculinity, Jesus was a very liberal dude.

but it would be stupid to think that children are not influenced by the world around them, people are not born bad.

no one is going to be magically changed because of a TV ad but it start a conversation and from that conversation maybe people will incorporating better life lessons into their own families.

simply saying “Boys will be boys” is simply ignoring bad behavior and accepting it as normal.


The whole point of the ad was to have this very conversation we are having right now about what is important to teach children.


Its not about teaching them anything no child is going to watch this ad and be magically changed nor is any parent.

the point of that ad was to start a conversation about what does it really mean to be a good “Man”, to have a dialog with co-workers, friends, relatives, etc.


Brings a whole new meaning to the “30 second spot” now doesn’t it?

:wink: :wink:


Yeah its an NRA plant. I like guns and I use Gilette


Grow a beard cuz it’s awesome.


It’s sad isn’t it. This is the same crowd that think there are a 100 different genders and celebrate when a woman gets the crap beat out of them in sports by a man in a dress. To me that’s toxic masculinity.


What’s sad?

Bullying smaller kids and harrassing/belittling women are the manly ideals to which you aspire?

What’s the matter with you?


Oh well :woman_shrugging: we’ll see just how toxic Gillette is to themselves with this ad. Liberals themselves are not exempt from the boomerang effect of their causes and actions and Gillette could very get smacked in their bottom line!


Hrm because I haven’t went full cultural “Woke” retard with the left all in just the past 4 years there is something wrong with me?

Check out the likes to dislikes count on the Gillette video and see what the majority of people think of it.