My posts getting deleted


So I get that there’s flags and that could eventually lead to a deletion of the post in which I get a notification but lately I’ve been noticing that some of my posts are just magically getting deleted with no notice.

This normal?

Let’s be real for a second there’s some straight-up troll posts that happen here every day that are left up so I don’t understand why my posts just go poof


That means a moderater has run across one of your posts that has a violation in it and it was deleted. Some we are able to click a button that tells you in vague terms what needs to be corrected in a post, but it all depends on time and that if that happens.


Well I’ve just been noticing a trend of deletions with no notice and it was starting to bother me

Mods will be mods but at least a notification would be appreciated


simplicity of the rules:

  • don’t go personal. address the post, not the poster
  • don’t broad brush
  • don’t troll
  • don’t post a link without sufficient commentary
  • don’t be completely uncivil with a post
  • don’t post a bunch of tweets in a row from the same person – if they want to buy advertising to promote their twitter account they can do that themselves

And I changed a setting and lost the rest of the community guidlines that were at the top of my screen everyday and can’t figure out how to get it back :smiley: or I’d put the rest.


I just saw that one of my posts in the GOP graphic thread was deleted without notice.

My comments were not directed at anyone personally. It was more a comment on the GOP chair.

Is Ronna McDaniel a protected person on this board?

Not really seeing where I crossed the line.


Getting it flagged is one thing but for the post to just be deleted without zero notice… the rules are fine I don’t have an issue with the rules they just seem to be loosely interpreted at times

And to be clear I’m not alleging some Grand conspiracy here either I know the mods have a tough job


This is a major failure of the Discourse software, one which the coders have said they are not interested in fixing. Deletions have no way to add comments or to notify the user. If a mod deletes your post and it had never been flagged, then the deletion will happen without comment unless the mod takes the extra step of messaging you. I doubt this will ever happen; basically, too much work. So if you see a post has been deleted, and it was never flagged, then a mod chose to delete your post on their own without prompting from the community.


Thank you