Molech is alive and well


They will then wax about how there are no good jobs, or we cant pay for Social Security and then ask how an extra 30 million people would be bad for society. Its complete hogwash. Thoughts and prayers.


Abstinence alone is 100% effective as a birth control measure. What you mean is people are going to engage in sex no matter what they’re taught. By this line of reasoning, should people who drink, drive and cause an accident where an innocent person is killed be excused from penalty because people are going to drink regardless of what they are taught?

Decisions have consequences. Sometimes those consequences are life altering and come about from split second decisions. Nevertheless, there they are starting people in the face. Pregnancy is a common consequence of sex. Abortion is not about sparing a child a potentially less than ideal life or standard of living, it’s about sparing a woman, and by all rights the man, the consequences of their decision. As always in the liberal view, the guilty should be spared at the expense of the innocent.


People not entering this country illegally is a 100% effective solution to ending illegal immigration. Right? So why do you want a wall or increased security?

Thoughts and prayers arent a solution.


So therefore the government shouldnt provide support for children whose parents cant afford health care and stable living / food access?


Your wishful thinking does not match reality. Hey if only people wouldnt steal or rape then we wouldnt need security! Thoughts and prayers.


Ya d00d totallyz


I used to go to a message board that was inhabited by people far more conservative than this board. We were having the exact same discussion as we are having here with responses similar to yours. I asked them how many had abstained from sex until marriage. Not a one. No males. No females. Oh, but they all said that kids today should be celibate until marriage. Fascinating!


Their only “solution” is to hope and pray people wont have sex. I recommend they just hope and pray that people will stop crossing the border. No wall needed.


Hopefully islam wont either.


Please remember that we were never “left to ourselves.”

God sent Evil into this world in the form of the Devil and did all he could to prevent mankind from achieving greatness by confounding our speech to prevent the Tower of Babel and mankind becoming like “us” - aka Gods.

All the evil in this world is the responsibility of God.


And the President Trump defense was given in response to a comment that was not directed as a criticism of President Trump, but of the direction that society is moving as a whole. I would contend the Trump Presidency is a symptom of an illness that has plagued the United States for some time, and not the illness itself.


Raises his hand.


Yes trump definitely represents many things. He is a walking CEC radio talk show. The problem is he contradicts a massive amount of what the right had been preaching the last 10-15 years: family values, fiscal responsibility, respect for the office. Trump is a symptom of people who really dont have a solid moral background, but rather a lust for power in an arbitrary framework. I didn’t vote for him or Hillary. I do my best to actually walk the walk and hold our Presidents up to the highest standards.


So let me get this logic staight…a child should be brought into the world under less than ideal circumstances, and possibly lead a terrible life of pain and suffering…

…just so the woman will learn her lesson?

That sounds just about right…


Oh and I really loved the analogy where pregnancy now becomes a “punishment” for bad acts.



This logic is completely flawed.

People don’t step up not because they are “selfish and sinful” but because individual people have their own cares and issues and can’t focus attention on the root causes of many of the problems.

When you get a group of people whose sole task is to focus on a single problem, the odds go up they’ll build…or more properly…execute on… a solution faster than a disconnected group of people scattered about with their own issues.

It’s a matter of scale. The group that should tackle a problem depends upon the scale of the problem!

Again, here’s where the different lenses with which we view the world are causing a communication issue.

You’re using a moralistic lens. I’m using a utilitarian lens.

The moralistic lens is hopelessly inadequate to solve an issue like this.

Even the Bible says that is so.


But that’s not the issue is it? I also drank before I turned 21 and even snuck into bars at times. In a previous post, I asked about drinking, driving and causing an accident. Should the driver receive no penalty? The answer I got was gibberish. Why would that be?? Is the life of a baby worth less than an accident victim? What if the accident victim is a new born baby being brought home from the hospital? No penalty for that driver because after all, it was only a baby!

Are you seriously asserting that refraining from sex for women is such an impossibility that there should be no consequences at all? Or that because avoiding consequence is so easy, it should not be limited or discouraged?

The truth is people do not want to accept that there is a God in heaven who created us and because he loves us, he sets boundaries on our behavior to protect us from consequence. There are many consequences to sex outside of marriage, but hey, we enjoy sex so it’s not reasonable to expect we will be able to refrain ourselves, so if we have to murder to avoid the inconveniences of a child, so what… Everyone else is doing it. Great rationalization there.


Slow down man. No one is saying there shouldnt be consequences for drinking and driving. What we will say though is that sitting around and just hoping and praying that people dont drink and drive wont help ANYTHING. But hey if you dont want to talk directly about abortion and children in poverty, and stick with weak deflective arguments about DUIs, be my guest. It certainly doesnt help whatever it is you are trying to argue about.


It isnt reasonable to expect people to refrain from sex. Just like it isnt reasonable to expect people to stop crossing the border illegally without government intervention.


There are many consequences to society that come from outlawing abortion. Too bad you havent shown the courage yourself to face them and help out. How will society get the resources for millions of children in poverty?