Molech is alive and well


No, I think charity is a much better and more efficient means of helping people than government confiscation and redistribution programs. Perhaps if the government didn’t confiscate so much, literally to the point of indebting the next several generations, we would have more to give to charity… But this really isn’t the main point of the OP.


You defend it by deflecting and never directly addressing it.


How about we make a deal. You get the rest of the world to live peacefully with all their neighbors and I’ll quit supporting any president that believes we need any military to defend us.


What exactly do you want me to address?


Surely any skeletons in your closet are not as bad as those of many we have put in office already…Unless you’ve colluded with Russians to make Hillary Clinton look bad and lose an election she would have won otherwise. If that were true, all I could say is.



Trumps behavior without deflecting to your opponents as a means of rationizing it


It’s clear that for most trump supporters, politics trumps family values and their own religious ideals. Tax cuts > decency.


Then stop complaining when government steps in to deal with an issue “the people” aren’t dealing with for the sole reason that it’s the government doing it

That’s just dumb.


Provide your evidence that charities are more efficient than government.

Show your work.


No. Never stop at Good Enough. What can be better?


Stop cutting words out of my post to make it look like I said something I didn’t

If you want to have a discussion with me, you’ll do it honestly.

This is at least the third time you have done that.


This is hilarious. First you condemn me for submitting what I have learned from scholars, rabbis and historians regarding the Bible and now you want me to submit the same on another topic. I pass and await your own research/studies. I would recommend including government waste–but that’s just me.


Every time I try this it ends up with you discussing me. I’ll pass.


Was I responding to you in that post?


Maybe the people so againsnt abortion should reduce the desires for abortions instead of looking to government to impose their religious beliefs…

Promote safe sex… promote adoption… promote charities that will help the parents afford the cost of raising children…

I see alot of calls for more laws than work being done to make those laws unneeded…


It wasn’t about you.

It was about an assertion you made…that charitable programs by the government are bad just because it’s the government doing it. That it’s better if “people are called to step up”.

Even though many government programs exist precisely because people DON’T feel called to step up

So the only logical conclusion I can make, given you don’t want government to step in, is that pain and suffering should continue until such time as people are shamed to step in


Huh? You havent submitted any evidence. You’re just asserting your own authority


In other words you have no evidence


And she is yet to give you an alternative


Conclusions often mark the point a person has stopped thinking. Jay-Jay, you haven’t a clue, you are in total ignorance of my perspective or of how I see things. It seems that your wish to disagree with me automatically relegates me to a position I do not have. Instead of spending so much time on talking about me, my positions, why not present your own? That, is the type of discussion that interests me. Anyone who keeps insisting on posting what I think, what their conclusions are of me, I will eventually completely ignore. You are not at that point yet, but you are darn close. My patience is not endless.

I know what I think, what my positions are. My interest lies in the positions of others and how they think. If you want to try this, you’ll have my attention. If you want to call it quits, you’ll have my gratitude and save me the trouble.