Molech is alive and well


CHIP has almost always been the subject of proposed cuts by the GOP


The argument will be “CHIP didnt get cut” as if we should ignore those who want to cut it


I tend towards a more narrow focus. Optrader was wondering about the advent of the second coming, whether the population is now so corrupt as to warrant this happening.

Your focus appears to be more on government. I am not in favor of government throwing money at a problem as the way to fix it. I am not in favor of government run social programs. In my opinion, those should be solidly in the hands of the people, because (my belief) people are called to help those in need. We are not called to set up a government bureaucracy to help people in need so that we don’t have to think about it, let alone bother with doing what we should be doing ourselves.


My only focus there was to counter his contention that one party is “pro-death” and the other is not. Thay sort of binary, one-dimensional thinking is what gives a con artist like Trump the power to deceive and exploit others. The primary example related to this thread is Op’s ability to bemoan the moral decline of the nation, speculate whether it speaks to the end of the world, all while blithely ignoring the fact that he supports one of the most morally degenerate men ever elected president. That disconnect is fascinating in both scope and totality.


So you arent in favor of CHIP and live in an idealistic world where you think society will take care of things without the will of government. That’s simply unrealistic and causes unnecessary suffering for millions of children.


We set it up in government BECAUSE people think about it enough to understand that it is needed because without it, society as a whole doesnt take care of it. The government IS the people - we vote. So yes. We are thinking about it. We are paying taxes. What are you talking about?


You are ill-informed as to what the New York law allows, and under what conditions it allows it.


The reason government has taken some of these on is because the people weren’t doing it.

Your idea is we should allow pain and suffering and then preach a sermon of moral outrage that the people aren’t doing what God called them to do?


It’s weird how government helping the poor is morally stinky, but right wing Christians are all for spending $100s billions on bombs, military and war. All for government force as long as it benefits THEIR lives


My three wishes:

  1. Stop calling each other racists.
  2. Stop calling the President immoral.
  3. Work with each other.

It should not be news to anyone that people in power exploit those who are not. It should not come as a surprise that Washington D.C. has always attracted the immoral, the cheaters, the liars, and the exploiters. To suggest this all came into being with President Trump is ludicrous. Basically, a bunch of people saw all the immoral, cheating, lying, and exploiting going on in D.C. and sent someone who could make it known to people seemingly blind and uncaring about what goes on in our nation’s capital. It was a statement of, “Clean up your act or we’ll do it again.”

All that finger-pointing going on with the proverbial three fingers pointing back at the one pointing the index finger. President Trump is not the worse. He is actually doing some very good things–things that long needed to be done. This does not mean he is perfect. This does not mean everything he wants to try will work. But he has plans, he has goals, and he works hard to achieve them. In that respect, I hope he remains a beacon to future leaders rather than those who hesitate to lift a finger less they be criticized.

As a nation, there are lessons we badly needed. I hope we learn from them–which we won’t if all everyone is intent on is trying on all different styles of blinders so they can find the blinders that suit them personally.

President Trump is not a demon. He is not incompetent. He does many things right. When we acknowledge this, it makes it easier for him to acknowledge the things he is doing wrong (as it comes to the Presidency).

So many of us are just tired of all the fighting, all the cheating, all the exploiting, and all the lying. From EVERYONE. The wall, the immigration situation are easy fixes. Even our fools in Washington should be able to set things right on all sides, from every angle.




So you get to call everyone in DC immoral fools. But we cant criticize Trump. Got it. Who said Trump is a “demon”. Why not just call a spade a spade. Trump is the POTUS. And he is a scumbag.


Who suggested this?


My contention from the start of this thread has been that if you’re going to indulge in jeremiads about the moral decay of the nation and then only call out the political opposition, it reeks of partisan claptrap. Especially when Trump is sitting in the Oval Office.


Except the president IS immoral. Are others? Certainly. But to blantantly ignore that truth while wailing about moral decay reduces one’s argument to self-indulgent silliness.


Because of ALL the immorality present, at present I am in favor of putting that all aside until we can fix border/immigration problem that has been ongoing for decades.

Of course, the abortion issue probably has more to do with with the immorality that may have prompted this thread. From what I can fathom there was nothing to celebrate, and many say nothing has been changed. If they don’t change anything, why pass the bills?


Dang it Meri! Keep making sense and you’ll NEVER get elected!


First, and again: I do not and have not ever put Donald Trump up as an example of moral virtue. I don’t defend the immoral to he’s done. What I did do ( and very admittedly enjoy doing) is to point out the hypocrisy of liberals faux outrage of Donald Trump’s sexual sins while ignoring the likes of Bill Clinton and all the Kennedys.

Secondly and again: I am not talking about individuals at all but ideologies. Of the two main ideologies, conservatives generally support life and sympathizes with the innocent, while liberals support and celebrate death and sympathize with the guilty.


Grin. I am not electable to begin with.


How do I phase this to comply with TOS…

This comment could not be more myopic in its partisanship.