Molech is alive and well


The world will end at some point. I doubt that will be in our generation–or even in the next several generations. The end of the world will come for me, first, and I will see Jesus, and I will be under his rule in the New Jerusalem long before this world ends (God willing).

The best advice I ever read noted that we can only make a difference only by using what we have actual control over. I have no control over Washington D.C. or my State Capital. I do not have the influence of a sun, perhaps not even as much as a small birthday candle, but it that small span, I can bring Jesus’ teachings to life. In planting these seeds I will never know how many–if any–will produce. I do what I can do, and for better or worse, what I can do does not touch Washington D.C.

As you know, I teach. I am very hopeful of our future. God’s creation shines.


I’ll grant that ignorance of scripture and cherry picking of verses to live by have given a lot of ammunition for non believers to shoot at “Christians.” This is precisely why God commands us to study for ourselves. Contrary to what others assert, we CAN understand the truths of the Bible with, and only with, the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s, read for yourself. That’s one of the greatest things about our country. We have the freedom to do exactly that- for now. You will have no excuse when you stand in judgement.


Lol exactly. Gods coming to destroy the earth. Then in an Italian accent…“aehhhh Trump is a not a a perfect man”


An old adage: Two men look out through the bars…One sees the mud and the other sees the stars.

Look, it does not bother me that other Christians believe in a literal Rapture. These people connected to the essential wisdom and teachings of the Bible. They love God and await his coming.

On the other hand, people who are not strong in their faith–or people who outright scorn the idea of God–use things such as a literal translation of Rapture to support this scorn of God. And that I cannot abide. They can scorn God all they wish, but they should first have the correct understanding of what the original author was conveying–and who he was originally communicating with.

To those of us who love God, it does not matter that some think that people will disappear up into the air into the arms of God. While the rest of us do not think it will happen in this way, the end result is the same. In the end, we will be in the arms of God.


Huh? I was comparing the worship of a God that rules by fear and punishment and claims “love” to wives that stay with husbands that beat them or are afraid of, because of “love”. It isnt love what you are preaching. Its fear, punishment, and absolute power.


You are not allowed to take the ugly parts of the bible literally. Only the parts where Jesus performed magic


Yes, those Clintons are paragons of virtue… :roll_eyes:
And how about those Kennedys?

It’s hard to have a conversation with someone so deluded they can’t admit any truth whatsoever about the people they support…


Congrats. Trump supporters now have sunk to rationalizing trump as just like the Clinton.


I voted for johnson in 2012. I was going to vote johnson in 2016 but after his Aleppo comment I stayed home. I didnt vote for cllinton. Did you vote for Trump?


When did Obama cheat on his wife with a porn star and try to pay her off while lying about it? Say what you want about Obama’s policies but at least he wasnt scum.


Not at all. I fully admit Trump’s faults in my first sentence of this post. Criticize away. But adoration of Hillary and Bill at the expense of truth is silly and not beneficial to our country.


But Hillary…

Classic trump response


Not all social programs bring about the stated desire of the program, and some actually cause more long term harm than good. The other thing about social programs is that they require taking money from one person ( who actually earned it) and giving to another ( who earned nothing). This situations creates an imbalance and inherent unfair condition. The trick is finding ways that are fair to all… Isn’t that the liberal mantra? Fairness?


And you’re for open borders and taking guns, as long as you and you’re loved ones are safe behind walls and protected by armed guards.See how paint brushes wielded without common sense work?


You mean paint brushes that paint an entire human race on the brink of rapture where a God will punish all us heathens?


None of this answers the question. How does cutting social programs for children exemplify a pro-life mentality?


Because we cant do corporate stock buybacks if we help poor children


Do you have a specific program in mind where funding was cut?


Do you think we should have federally funded social programs that help pay for the health care of children?


Do you agree with me that it rings hollow when a Trump supporter creates a thread bemoaning moral decline?