Molech is alive and well


In what way is abortion necessary or beneficial to a secular society? Do you realize that Western nations no longer are producing enough children to sustain themselves? Just heard this confirmed on the mainstream news channels a couple weeks ago. Does extinction make sense to you? For a party that claims to be so concerned for the future, you know, " the children " and “mother Earth”, the policies liberals promote sure seem to contradict those concerns…


I’m not for post born abortion. We also just had a very long and lengthy thread about abortion so I’m not going to start that again. Regardless, Christianity will be a minority in about 30 years. It wont survive the age of information.


You also might have to marry a horse or eat broccoli


I’m sure Meri was definitely saying the same stuff during the 10th BENGHAZIZI hearing


Donald is an unrepentant liar, thief, and adulterer. He worships nothing so much as himself. In the context of this thread, if we are living in an age of moral decline then Donald is the poster child that leads us. And yet the attitude offered here is “poor Trump” as if he has no agency in his own condition.

And it’s critics of Trump that supposedly suffer from TDS?




I’m all for love Meri, but the world is not a lovely place. You just stayed “Jesus did not come to condemn the world the first time.” Apparently, you do believe he is coming yet again. Is he or isn’t he? If he is, did he leave us things to look for or not? If he is, for what purpose?

You take a position that about 500 years ago, people rejected the truth ( as handed down to them by “educated” people) and have gone astray by thinking they can actually understand the Bible by themselves, yet you also say " we are not stupid." Scripture says “fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” As I look at the world, I don’t see much fearing of God going on. I see a foolish and ignorant world getting more foolish and ignorant with each generation because we want to believe that sin is no big deal. It is taken care of by “love” alone. We are embracing Sodom and Gomorrah and really are that stupid. Our nature has not changed.


Foolish people not fearing Gods punishment.

So much love. I believe loving husbands who punish their wives and make them live in fear are also worthy of being worshipped.


Right? And in another thread people are speculating whether God sent us Trump. Clearly I lack the vision to see that Donald was put in place to lead us back to the Lord through his shining example.


I believe it survives, but not in its current manifeststion.


Who are you to criticize trump… hater hypocrite Hillary supporter socialist!


I’m terrible, I know.


Trump has a lot if faults- we all do. If we ruled out liars, cheats, thieves and narcissists as candidates for high office, nobody would be qualified to run. My op is more about us as groups and ideologies, not as fallen, sinful individuals. As ideologies go, one is pro life and the other is pro death. Easy choice…


Oh so now Trump is just like every other politician. He’s just like Hillary, congrats. Wait, hey, when did Obama cheat on his wife with a porn star then pay her off


I can safely say I dont know anyone personally as scummy and full of himself as Trump


Just one example - when one side cuts social programs that benefit children, is that pro life?


Are you saying we cant criticize Trump, but you can criticize all the libz?


They are pro life as long as that life doesnt involve theirs.


You guys are praying to the god who killed millions of innocent children and babies in the great flood. And unborn ones too since many of the adult women killed were obviously pregnant.


We went from “OMG we’ve never seen such immorality in human history” to “hey, nobody’s perfect” in the span of twenty posts. And all to defend one of the most immoral men ever to lead this nation.