It was warmer 1000 and 2000 years ago


How does someone figure things out from a “lot” perspective?





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How do you know?


Because google exist.


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Yes, did you notice how recent of an event that is…

" Viticulture was revived in the 1970s onwards, possibly helped by a rising local temperature due to global warming"

So, from roman times until then…


The medieval warm period is nothing compared to our current warming.


It was hotter even in the southern hemisphere…



Looks like a child drew that with their crayon.

This is what the real global temperature reconstruction looks like.

Can you find the medieval warm period?


your error bars almost hit 0.4 C…and look at the error bars for the most current data on that graph… wow!


I want to make a clear point so people realize what they see can be manipulated. See that source in the bottom right? Well, that too is an opinionated organization which manipulated a study. Specifically this paper: South African Journal of Science - A preliminary 3000-year regional temperature reconstruction for South Africa : research letter published in 1997. Now, note the original graph. See how they moved the trend line? See how they altered the language and the word present (back then was 1996). This graph number 1 is not modern, and number 2 is altered to make it look worse. Below is the original graph. I will link the paper.

Here is what was posted on this thread:

This is what was the original.


Link for the paper:


A minority of scientists predicted cooling. Of the papers that made a prediction either way, only about 1/7 predicted cooling. The vast majority predicted warming. This false talking point gets tiring.


Congrats. Even with the error bars, we know the medieval warm period is nothing compared to our current warming.

(No error bars on your crayon graph, BTW)


No, the error bars on that graph, (where ever you got it), make it almost the same as today…


Incorrect. You’ve misread the graph. Even if the temperature were all the way at the top of the error bars (convenient assumption) then current temperature (red line) is about half a degree warmer.


Looks more like 0.1 degrees not 0.5 degrees. Heck, the entire graph only covers 1 degree. Which shows how stable a our environment is. Let’s say we graphed that on a 100 degree f scale. It would just be almost a straight line.


" ‘We’re going to break records,’ SCSU meteorologist says of cold snap"

But Al Gore told us …lmao!


I honestly have no idea what you’re looking at because you’re massively wrong.

The climate used to be quite stable.

Not really anymore.