Inspiring Christian Songs!


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Okay, obviously not a christian song but if your a Josh Groban fan then you absolutely have to listen to this song in which he hilariously guest stars and something likely that most casual fans have no clue he did. From the TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend which is a musical dramedy that will have from 2-5 musical numbers per episode. Setup for the clip, basically the lead character (the crazy ex girlfriend) has been spiralling out of control for over two seasons of self destructive behavior and she’s finally hit rock bottom by in a drunken binge sleeping with her ex boyfriend’s dad after a full day of stalking a different ex boyfriend. Normally Rebecca (the crazy ex girlfriend) would be singing but this clip is to show how she’s lost her total sense of identity and self so now someone else, guest singer Josh Groban, is singing her story.


can it really be called Christian music if it doesn’t have a mosh pit and crowd surfing?


I don’t know about inspiring but this is certainly creative.


The movie “The Cardinal,” (1963) based on the bestseller of the same name, with music by the late composer Jerome Moross. Very inspiring movie with great music. The book was beautiful too.

This is a playlist, with a number of videos


Another film, Elmer Gantry, has some great spirituals in the revivalist setting of the controversial book.

Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry (won the Oscar) the conflicted drifter and Jean Simmons as Sister Sharon Falconer the evangelist. Some rousing gospel music.


This one is four siblings with really nice voices & harmony, one of my favorite songs:


Here’s another version of it I like:

The Story Behind…
Let the Lower Lights be Burning


At one of D.L. Moody’s meetings in America he related the story of a shipwreck on a dark and tempestuous night, when not even a star was visible. A ship was approaching the harbor of Cleveland, with a pilot on board. The captain, noticing only one light as they drew near — that from the lighthouse —asked the pilot if he was quite sure that it was Cleveland harbor, as other lights should have been burning at the harbor mouth. The pilot replied that he was quite sure, whereupon the captain enquired:

“Where are the lower lights?” “Gone out, sir,” replied the pilot.

“Can you make the harbor, then?” asked the captain, to which the pilot answered:

“We must, sir, or perish.”

Bravely the old man steered the vessel upon her course toward safety. But alas! In the darkness of the harbor mouth he missed the channel, the ship struck upon many rocks, and in the stormy waters many lives were lost.

Then Moody made his appeal to his audience: “Brothers, the Master will take care of the great lighthouse! Let us keep the lower lights burning!”

Among Moody’s hearers that evening was Mr. Philip P. Bliss, the well-known hymn writer, and the striking story at once suggested to him one of his most popular hymns:

Brightly beams our Father’s mercy
From His lighthouse evermore,
But to us He gives the keeping
Of the lights along the shore.


Let the lower lights be burning!
Send a gleam across the wave!
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman
You may rescue, you may save.


Agni Parthene / Rejoice Unwedded Bride in Greek and English (English starts at 1:40)


This is a really great bunch of singers! I really like the way they did this song:


These ones is really nice too:


The Lord’s Prayer sang by a very young lady. “Let the children come to me.”


Absolutely beautiful - thank you for sharing!


Thank you. Sometimes it literally makes me cry, I’m so moved.


This young woman is a true talent and is using the Lord’s gift to her to spread the word and uplift us all. I am going to buy her album just as soon as I can.


I Give Myself Away


Nobody Greater


It ain’t over


Jerusalem (RIP Pastor Thompson)