Insider leaks trump’s private schedule


So my question is this: If you’ve gone through the trouble of getting the alleged e-mails. And you want it out about how allegedly lazy Trump is.

Why the hell do you give the info to a third rate internet only news place???


Who knows, maybe ask Kellya…I mean, the WH leaker that question.


Fat Donald? Your projecting again.
Think what you like, but Donald Trump is a New York City businessman. Why would you expect any other kind of person?
He has run a successful multimillion dollar, multi national conglomerate for decades fron scratch.
He gave away the money his father gave him. He also donates his presidential salary to nonprofits.
What have you done?
He has more international business experience than just about any one else in Washington.
He has no patients for fools. That’s why he has a hard time dealing with the swamp dwellers and the fake news press.
He focuses on getting things done. Not that the lamestream media would ever publish it.
Just the fake stories to mislead the public.


Thats how sad it is, this schedule is so ridiculous it could have been something straight out of The Onion.

But its not…its real and its pathetic…


Allegedly real