How much would Republicans love Trump now if he'd lost the election?


It’s funny what winning an election will do. During the 2016 campaign, there were R’s who were tepid in their support for Trump like Colin Powell, Jon Huntsman, Jeff Flake, Carly Fiorina, Jason Chaffetz, Ben Sasse and numerous others (all mentioned this NBC story) who called for him to drop out or they changed from deciding to vote for him before the election.

But some of those named above who said they wouldn’t support him or were lukewarm sure changed their minds after the election. But I’m wondering how much love Trump would have now if the election had reversed itself and Hillary had won by the landslide people had predicted.

What do you think? I suspect the fickle finger of elections would have been wagging and he’d have been just another loser. I think winning the election did everything to boost his love within his party and they would have all but abandoned him otherwise.


Some people treat politicians like their sports team…


Powell supported Obama in 2008 and 2012 as well. I haven’t heard any kind words about Trump from him.

Jeff Flake is talking about running against Trump in 2020.

There is hardly a stampede of Trump support from the never-Trumpers. The main difference with Trump’s victory is that they are on the outside looking in, rather than running the Republican Party. The fact that they may work with Trump from time to time is more a result of pragmatism.


Trump would have retreated to Trump Tower, continued retweeting revised Russian history, and closed the Moscow deal.


What the heck? If Trump hadn’t had the ability to win the election, he wouldn’t be interesting at all.